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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogversary Contest

Whew! I never thought that my blog would reach this far, I am not so engrossed with blogging before, unlike now... hahaha... I rarely have a post for a month! Gee... but things changed when I wasn't busy with work anymore.... and so.... My Blogversary is coming up! Yeah! And I have a little pa-contest for my 1st ever Blogversary... I feel like being generous hahaha...

There's no requirement for this contest except for you being an
Entrecard member coz the one who could guess the right answer will get 500 EntreCredits on Entrecard, so you must have one in order to join, who knows you might win, right? hehehe... Anyone can join and participate but you can only guess once... I will randomly select the one who will get the right answer... so, why not give it a try....

Well here is my simple question:

What is the VERY FIRST POST I made here on Blogger?

XXX A. MarsoKwatro XXX (Dakong 'X' ni siya, VOTE MO AGAIN!)

B. ...foolish heart...

C. Food for Thought

D. Learning Experience

Miah = Bumblebee
XXX (Dakong 'X' pud ni siya)


Easy lang dibah? hehehe... Well, that's for those who had seen my blog when it was still new... Wwweeeee..... Have fun guessing guys and gals... Good Luck!!!

By the way, I'll announce the winner on my BLOGVERSARY... which is.... =)


Get your own free Blogoversary button!

SO EASY to GUESS na lang oh, may CLUE na....

Do the MATH... wwaaahhh... My Blogversary will be in 2 days, so what was my post on that day last year? hala... I'll give another chance to all that had already voted na... YOU CAN VOTE AGAIN... Gusto ko may manalo.... wweee..... and instead of 500 EntreCredits, I'll be giving away 1,000 EntreCredits!!! Pasensya na sa walang EntreCard ha, eto lang ang kaya kong ibigay.... (nag-pait man gud ron nyahahahha....) ENJOY!!!

"Live life to the fullest"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Learning Networking with Cisco

I am happy to have a chance to post about this topic because I can relate to this one. I have the opportunity to study and learn about networking as part of our school's curriculum which is the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA). I have taken Cisco Networking 1 and 2; which is about Networking and Networking Basics and Routers and Routing Basics courses. I am proud that I have gained my Cisco certification right after taking all those exams that we had.

Cisco is a company recognized around the world for its network equipment and certification programs. Cisco networking solutions includes routers, switches, VPN systems and training programs.

What I like about the course is that it’s very challenging. Being able to make and set-up a network is quite confusing at first but I’ve learned a lot from our professor, who was really good at teaching at that subject and also from the exercises that we made. From proper cabling, how to configure a router and to set-up a network is really a tough task but I enjoyed and had fun learning those things. After taking the two courses I think I still want to furthermore enhance my knowledge about it. I still haven't finished taking up Cisco Netwroking 3, so I might try to enroll in it soon, in God's will.

For those who are planning to study networking, Cisco Networking offers a comprehensive IT training online. Whether you are an entry level or simply advancing your knowledge about Networking. You'll be able to learn and enhance your knowledge and skills in it. Having an experience in networking can be your greatest asset and learning with Cisco could give you a great boost to your career. With the global demand for IT professionals now there will be a greater chance for you to be able to land a job.

Sponsored by Cisco

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Talk with a Nine Year Old Kid

This conversation happened months ago when I was having my vacation at Hong Kong. I want to just name my nine year old niece "K" and here is what we've talked about on that particular day....

K: So, You like Hong Kong?
Me: (Thinking) Hmmm... Yes.
K: You like Hong Kong more than Philippines?
Me: I don't know, I haven't really toured around all of Hong Kong so I still can't tell.
K: Hong Kong is great. I love hong Kong. So, you like Hong Kong more than Davao?
Me: I like Hong Kong but I love Davao!
K: Why? Hong Kong is beautiful and lots of beautiful places. It's clean and there are no crimes here.
Me: No Crimes?? Really?? Maybe there are a few but nothing? Really? I don't believe you.
K: Yes! It's true, unlike Philippines, there are storms and floods and even tsunami.
Me: What? There's no tsunami in the Philippines (simbako! Ipalayo!). In terms of storms and floods, maybe you're referring to Manila or in Luzon areas, but not Davao. Storms can't get inside Davao and we rarely had floods.

We we're riding a double decker bus at that time and we sat at the top (first time, try gyud!). I sat near the window and was beside me. Then I saw some empty plastic bottles, cellophanes and other garbage hidden from the bushes in an 'island' in the middle of the street. I let her look at those and told her, that the road was very clean you can't see any tiny garbage but the garbage were just hiding in the middle of the streets. I wonder Why people would throw their garbage there when in every block you can see a trash can nearby.

Me: It's not clean pala... hehehe...
K: Why do people throw their garbage there? i hate to see that, we should make our environment clean and not pollute it!
(She gets mad when you didn't throw your garbage in the proper place and she never want to break any rules especially traffic rules. When she sees it's red, we should stop or else she gets mad. lol)
Me: Some people are just too lazy to put it in the trash can...

As the bus keeps moving forward, i can still see a lot of garbage in the island...

Me: Look there! See... garbage... hehehe... So, you really like Hong Kong huh?
K: Yes! It's the best place in the whole world!
Me: I love Davao! You know what? Davao is the Greenest and Most Livable City in the Philippines, almost zero crime rate and typhoon-free place. One of the Largest City in the world and Davao ranks
3rd in the Cleanest Water in the whole world. We can drink the water from the faucet unlike here in Hong Kong. (Ako na pud ang nang-hambog, pero tinuod man gyud, hehehe...)
K: Really? Why would you drink from the faucet, it's dangerous, you'll get sick! Don't drink from there.
Me: No it's not dangerous, it's safe.
K: Diba when we we're in the Philippines we drink mineral water.
You should drink mineral water.
Me: That was in Manila, we live in Davao. We don't need to buy mineral water. I told you we have one of the Cleanest Water in the world, so it's safe, unlike here in hong Kong, you can't drink the water directly from the faucet. :)


I know, nasuya na siya kay nihilom na. Nalabwan na iyahang lugar hehehe...

My sister knew there's something wrong because we we're silent for too long and that means we had a fight or an argument. hehehe...

Sis: O, Ba't natahimik kayo? What happened ha?
Me: (Whispering.) Sshhh.. Nasuya siya sa akoa kay nagno daw muinom mi ug water gikan sa gripo.
Sis: Oi, Why are you mad?
Me: Because they're drinking water from the faucet and it's dangerous and not safe.
Sis: Eh What will you do? You can't force them not to drink directly from the faucet.
Me: Shhh.. Ayaw na patuli ang bata, ikaw bah... pasagdi lang... hehehe...

She was still silent until we reached our destination. So, I tried to talk to her again but not thetopic about Davao and Hong Kong hehehe... And after a while she was back into her bubbly mode again... :)

"Live life to the fullest"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Google Page Rank Updates

Been reading posts a lot from the other blogs and on forums too that Google will update the page rankings of all sites. I was quite excited about it. Why? Because this blog's page rank of 2 ranking dropped down to zero last May. So, I then checked it on Google but I was disappointed when the result came, mine is still the same 'itlog (egg) pa rin.' Almost all my blogger friends had gain their page rank back and some who had no PR gained one. Wow! congrats to all of you guys. I also I tried to check my other blogs and was surprised to see that at least one of them gained a Page Rank of 2! Yeah! I am not quite sure of what I am seeing at that moment so tried to retype again my URL and was really surprised to see the same results. Wow! Well, even if this main blog of mine didn't gain back it's PR, I'm still happy because my second blog which is MeiYah's World gained one... :)

It was at the end of March 2008 when I started that blog. I am so into photography, so I started to post some of the photos I've taken there and just anything that comes out of my mind. I am not updating that blog for quite some time already because I am more focus on this one. I rarely got hits for that site and I only had a few link backs, it's Technorati and Alexa Rank is way too down compared to this one, that's why I was so surprised by how the result goes. I think Technorati and Alexa Rankings are not that much of help? Does having a lot of advertisements on blogs makes it's PR down? Hmm... i can't tell... Since I am monetizing this blog, I rarely get opportunities because of having no page rank,
but I hope in another Google update this blog will gain back it's PR again. :)

"Live life to the fullest"

Joke Time!

I do my usual blog hopping again then I stumble into Tatay Pepe's site. There's a compilation of Bisaya jokes in one of his posts. As I continue to read on I can't help laughing at some of the jokes. I've already heard some of it while the others reminds me of a text message I received from my friends. Mangatawa ta mga Amigo ug Amiga!

Babae: nong! Sakay ko!
Driver: cge! Asa man ka?
Babae: diha lang sa kanto! Naay bayad ang bata?
Driver: ay libre lang kay duol man.
Babae: ah, ang mosabak naay bayad?
Driver: wala gihapon!
Babae: cge anak! Sabaka ko…


Customer: Day, kape.
Tindera: Tag P10 na ra ba.
Customer: Diba tag P8 ra na?
Tindera: Nimahal naman gud ang gasolina.
Customer: Ah, ayaw na lang butangig gasolina!


Tulo ka kumare ang nag-istorya.
Mare1: Sus, ako mare pwerte gyud nako ka limtanon kay ang akong pustiso ako mang isud sa ref.
Mare2: Ay wala ra ka nako mare. Mas limtanon pa ko nimo kay kon moagi gani ko sa hagdan, inig abot nako sa tunga-tunga makalimot ko kon pasaka ba ko o panaog.
Mare3: (Dang pangyam-id) Sus, ako mga mare, simbako lang gyud (dang tuktok sa bungbong as in ‘knock-on-wood’ effect) di ra gyud pod ko intawon limtanon! (Dayong talikod) Kadyot usa mga mare ha, kay ako usang ablihan ang pultahan kay naay nanuktok.


AMO: inday gipatotoy na nimo ang bata?
Maid: Yes mam! Gipatotoy na.
Amo: Ang sir nimo ningkaon na?
Maid: Naah! Mam, dili man mukaon si sir, gipatotoy na lang pud nako.


ATTY: asa ka pagkahitabo sa rape?
JUN: sa kamaisan
ATTY: nag-unsa ka didto?
JUN: nalibang!
ATTY: pila ka kadupa gikan sa krimen?
JUN: naa bay malibang magdupa-dupa???? Ayaw pagbugal-bugal ‘atorni uy!


Bungi niuli sa ila ug gitabunan niya ang mata sa iyang asawa..
BUNGI: Nges hu??
ASAWA: Pa - nges hu nges hu pa ka dira ikaw ray bungi
dinhi sa atong balay…


Laki: Kuhaon ko ang mga bitoon og ihatag ko kanimo.
Babae: saba diha! wa man gali ka kakuha anang kugmo gatambisay sa imong ilong…
Laki: AW! sorry day ha..wala man gud ko nasayod nga gusto sad ka ani…..


Juan: dro, asa dapit ibutang ang mga puti na baye?
Pedro: adto sa langit, himuung angel
Juan: ah! kaning akong asawa kay itum man kau?
Pedro: langit japun pero himuung kwaknit


TEACHER: give me a tag question.
PUPIL: My teacher is beautiful, isn’t she?
TEACHER: Very good! Ibinisaya dong.
PUPIL: Ang akong maestra gwapa, wa sya kuyapi?


ITSER: Pedro, 1+3?
PEDRO: 4 mam!
TITSER: Very gud! ikaw Juan 33×61?
JUAN: Mao na ni, kun lisud na gani ako dayun ang pangutan-on. Pabor2x. Abseni nalang ko oi!


Security: excuse me po mam, titingnan ko lang ang bag nyo kung merong baril
Tiguwang: buang ka! Di man gani maigo ang balde sa akong bag, barel pa kaha!


1st contestant: Akong kantahun “dahong laya”
2nd contestant: Akong kantahun “d falling leaves”
3rd contestant: Dli ko mukanta!
Judges: Nganu man..?
3rd contestant: manilhig nalang ko kay daghan sagbot!


Pedro bumps a foreigner:
Pedro: Ay sori
Foreigner: Sori 2
Pedro: Sori3
Foreigner: Wat r u sori 4?
Pedro: (kala mo bobo ako ha!) sori 5
Foreigner: I think u r SICK!
Pedro: hahaha! Sick daw, SIX gani!


Customer: miss, papalita ko ug condom kay birthday sa akong gf
Tindera: e-gift wrap pa bani sir?
Customer: ayaw na kay mao man nay wrapper sa akong gift.


Anak: ma, busog nako, dili nako mahurot
Mama: hutda dyud na! Kabaw baka nga daghan gipang gutom sa kalibutan?
Anak: nya kung ako ni hutdon, mabusog sila?!


ANAK: Tay, paliti ko bi ug Jucyfruwet
TATAY: anak, dili magbinulok, dili man na jucyfruwet
ANAK: unsa man diay na tay??


Anak: nay buntis ko.. lipong ko..
Nay: dili ka buntis!
Anak: kasukaon ko nay..
Nay: dli lgi ka buntis!
Anak: gusto ko aslum..
Nay: animal kang bayota ka!! kumuton ko nang itlog mo ron!!


BABAYENG ANAK: Nay, nag tambling tambling gud me sa skul ganina..
NANAY: Di ba ingon man ko ayaw pag tambling tambling kay makita imo panty?
BABAYENG ANAK: Gisulod man naku sa Bag ako Panty Nay!


APO: Lo, ngano nag kaang kaang man kag lakaw?
LOLO: aw, ayaw nagud ni pansina apo oi
APO: ngano lagi na lo?
LOLO: ingon man gud sa akong doktor na likayan ang itlog
kay taas ug kolesterol


EMPLEYADO: boss, namatay naman atong manager pwede ako mu puli sa iyang pwesto?
BOSS: pwede man…….., pero ambot kung musugot ang funenaria


Donya: kay bag-u pa man ka dinhi, gusto ko masayud ka nga ang pamahaw dri alas sais impunto!
JELYN: way blema nyora…kung 2log pako anang orasa, una nalang mu ug kaun!


Osa ka pirata gi interview sa reporter.
Reporter: Nganong imong pikas tiil kahoy man?
Pirata: Ah, naigo ni sa bala unya giputul giilisan na lang ug kahoy.
Reporter: Imong toong kamot naa may hook?
Pirata: Ah, naputol ni sa espada diha nga duna kuy kaaway.
Reporter: Unya imongpikas mata duna man nai itum nga tabon? (eye patch).
Pirata: Ah, naithan ni ug langgam unya nabuta.
Reporter: Ha? Makabuta diay nang iti sa langgam?
Pirata: Gilugud man gud nako sa akong toong kamut.


Sa Hospital…
Doktor: Mrs. kinahanglan na jud samentuhon ang tiil sa imong anak! grabe na ang diperensya!
Mrs: Hala oi! mga pila kaha ka sako dok kay palit na ko hardware? Karon dayon aron mauga na ugma.
Anak: Nay oi! pakauwaw ra man ka! sagulan pa gani ug balas!
Doktor: ayaw kalimti ang hollow block ha!!


Bungi Gitahi sa Doctor Tapos Gitistingan pa pronounce.
DOCTOR: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! MITAMOOT….


Doc: Ma’am, naa kay breast cancer.
Ma’am: ha? Tinuod ka doc? Dili man ko katuo sa imong gisulti! I’m healthy! Naa pa ka second opinion?
Doc: Bati pa jud kag nawong!


Pasyente: doc, regular lagi ko malibang. Kada alas 7 sa buntag
Doctor: maayu nuon na! Unsa may problema?
Pasyente: 8 am man gud ko maka mata!


"Live life to the fullest"

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Busy lights,
Busy televisions,
Busy eyes everyday...

Busy sounds,
Busy radios,
Busy ears everywhere...

Busy senses,
Busy phones,
Busy hands every night...

Busy people along the way...

Busy me, Busy making something good.
While busy people,
Busy making something bad out of busy me...

"Live life to the fullest"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Poem from You to Me

I've been fixing my things in my cabinet when I saw an old note. It was from a very DEER este DEAR friend of mine. It was a self-written poem she wrote for me, entitled 'FRIEND', sweet eh? It was written in year 2001, it's been so long since we've been friends, eight years already. We used to write little notes before or give each other cards when there is an occasion or even sweet nothings, just a little letter or note to inspire or cheer us up. But eventually as time pass by, there were no more cards, no more letters or little notes... Technology has made it's way to making things easier like sending text messages... but the messages from our cellphones will not stay that long, mine had been gone when my cellphone was reformatted and when my old sim got lost. These cards, letters and little notes will forever be alive, well if you'll take good care of it and put it in a safe place *winks*. hehehe... and forever it will be in my heart.

Okay, here's her poem for me:


I know sometimes
life is hard
and isn't always fair.

And sometimes friends
you thought were true,
suddenly don't care.

When words of anger,
hate and fear,
knock upon your door.

I'll be there for you
A Friend forevermore.

...and she was really there during my ups and downs... and even in my worst... hehehe...

This may not be the greatest poem ever written in the whole wide world but for me it is, as it was written from the bottom of her heart... Thank you Rhon, I miss your company already... Wish you could come back home again, hopefully this Kadayawan Festival... I love you best friend (Well, I've never called her that ever since but I consider her as one. hehehe!) =)

"Live life to the fullest"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First, Last and Now



* First name: Yolanda Miah
* First screen name: tEDyBabes (One 'D' lang gyudna xa kay naay meaning weee...)
* First funeral: The father of my Aunt's best friend, can't remember the date.
* First piercing: I really can't remember, I think I was still a baby at that time ;)..
* First kiss: Uhhmmm... P3? My ultimate Crush and First Love... yeee.. kilig? nah!
* First love: P3 nga po...


* Last beverage drank: Apple Juice...
* Last food consumed: Sotanghon...
* Last phone call: Hhmm... si Phillip...
* Last time showered: A while ago lang...
* Last CD played: Hmm...? I think it's Utada Hikaru's First Love...
* Last website visited: Paypal, I've got funds daw. weee.... dungagan napud gamay! ;)


* Single or taken: Ehem... very much Single! :)
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: Nov. 07
* Sign: Scorpio
* Shoe size: 5 or 5.5? (i think?)
* Thinking about: Topics to post here... :)


1.) Me and Mine
2.) Creative in Me
3.) Little Peanut
4.) For the LOVE of Food
5.) Pea in a Pod
6.) SugarMagnolias
7.) Blogsilog
8.) Captured Memories
9.) Cherry’s Comfort Zone
10.) Thinking Out Loud
11.) Wishing and Hoping
12.) Buzzy Me
13.) MeiYah

I’m tagging Julai, Rhon and Ylan! Have fun ladies! :)

"Live life to the fullest"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Withdrawal Denied at Paypal

My funds at Paypal is not that rewarding yet I still tried to withdraw my funds. The reason? Just want to know how it works and if it does really work. And so last week, I tried to withdraw my funds at Paypal and unfortunately after a week of waiting I got this e-mail from Paypal stating that my withdrawal was denied!

Dear Ms. Laborte,

An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

Invalid Bank Account Information

Our system was not able to process the transaction with the bank information listed on your account. You should contact your bank regarding the bank account information required for electronic funds transfers. If you still need assistance, you may email us through our secure server at

Thanks for using PayPal, the world's #1 online payment service!

I was surprised! And so started to send an e-mail to the UnionBank Customer Service about what happened and here is their reply:

Dear Ms. Laborte,
Greetings from UnionBank!

This is probably what happened:
(1) Bank account number is incorrect
(2) Name on bank account does not match what is on the PayPal account. If you have a a personal name on your PayPal account, but your UnionBank account has a business name on it, then the odds are pretty solid that it would be rejected by the receiving bank or vice versa. Exact information at your UnionBank account has to match your information at paypal. Any small discrepancy such as name, address or a number can cause a international transfer go wrong.

I've replied and told them that I've checked the details that I've filled-up at UnionBank and Paypal and they were just the same. Then, I even tried to add another Bank Account at Paypal using the same information and card number I was using. But a message prompts and said that I already have that same Bank Account so there's no need to add it again. My oh my.... What is happening here... Paypal charged my funds 250 php for the returned fee.

I also tried to contact Paypal and asked them 'What makes my Bank Account Invalid?' Here's their reply:

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

Hi, my name is Marion and it is my pleasure assisting you today. I understand that your concern is about trying to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account, but the system won't allow you. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience Ms. Laborte. Since you mentioned that you're adding again the same number but it says it is already added there, what I may suggest is you need first to remove the bank account and then re-add with the correct information.

Then there goes a long list of instructions on how to remove my Bank Account at Paypal. I am just confused... When I tried to add another Bank Account there and they said that it cannot be added because I am adding the same Bank Account information as what is on my Primary Bank Account. What's the use of removing it and adding it up again when they are just the same??? Did anyone of you experience this too? Let me know. I am still waiting for their response now... Hahay, wala gyud ko nagdahom ing-ani diay kalisod mu-withdraw ug funds sa Paypal oi!

"Live life to the fullest"

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

"Live life to the fullest"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A day at the Baywalk...

Lately, I've been going to the Bay walk using our mountain bike. It is just near our place, If I cycle on a normal state, it would take me 15 minutes or less to be able to get there. I tired to drive fast and it took me less than 10 minutes to get there... Whew! I explore the places I've been cycling to and I found out a short-cut. Our place is near Poly Subdivision and Next to Poly is Alpha Homes. I went there and I don't know, I just continue to cycle as if someone's guiding me in every turns I take. Then, later on I was out of the Subdivision and I'm already on the Matina Aplaya Public Market in just about 6-7 minnutes of cycling. Amazing huh? the road I travel was more nearer than the usual road I take, which was the main road of Matina Aplaya. The Subdivision near Alpha Homes was RPJ or something hehehe... And so, I continue to cycle till I reach the Bay walk... I really like the place, peaceful, fresh air and so relaxing... I took some photos of David, and the place as well and then I sat on the rocks near the beach... Nag muni-muni... When it was getting dark, I get up and get my bicycle and went back home... My mind's at peace now... hehehe...

Here are some of the photos I took there... :)

The replica of DAVID which was sculptured by MICHAELANGELO BUONAROTTI in 1501. It is one of his two greatest priceless masterpieces. An Italian sculptor and painter - one of the greatest the world has ever produced. The statue was set in the hilltop of Firenze (Florence), Italy overlooking the city.

Full-size replicas of the statue around the world are found in:

  • London's Victoria and Albert Museum,
  • A centerpiece of a shopping mall in Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, Brisbane Australia,
  • The Appian Way Shops at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas,
  • And our beloved Davao City will soon be listed in the Internet as one of the prestigious places.

The Little Mermaid... Another replica, this statue is the most photograph in the world, located at Langline, Copenhagen, Denmark and considered by the danish as their National Treasure. It is a faithful reproduction including the rock she is sitting in top of the ocean view.

"Live life to the fullest"

What Zodiac Sign Should You Be?


The planets are very complex. Maybe your astrologer will disagree, and maybe a few tendencies will vary, but overall you're an ARIES. You've got a feisty and energetic style coupled with an optimistic outlook. That Aries assertiveness shines through in your independent ways. It's what guarantees you success no matter what you decide to pursue. The only problem is how little time you give yourself to meet your goals. Patience is definitely not an Aries virtue. On the other hand, your open heart and creative mind give you a deep self-confidence. And let's not forget your very sexual and impulsive side. Hidden or not -- it's definitely there. Your fire sign also gives you the ability to ignite the passion of others. Your symbol is a ram, and you're known and respected for your courage.

Some famous Aries are:

  • Maya Angelou
  • Robert Frost
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Elton John
  • Vincent van Gogh
By the way, I am a Scorpio.... Wanna take this test too? Click Here.

"Live life to the fullest"

My First Ever Climbing Experience

I've been wanting to join the AMA Trekkers Club when I was still in college but unfortunately, my mom don't want me to... It's risky... blah... blah... blah... Not that I didn't know that fact but the thought of going on an adventure like that excites me... But, even if I really really like to join the club and go climb on the mountains, still, I respect my mom's decision (good girl baya ko... hehehe...) Well, My days at school are finally over and I think there would be no reason for them not to say Yes? hehehe...

I think you've already seen my older post 'Missing Canibad', I've been really wanting to go there last summer but too bad I can't, I'm too far away... My best friends and I had been planning to go back to Canibad again but due to some conflicts and unfavorable circumstances, the plan was postponed, again and again. So, when Jane told me that her brother and brother's friends will Climb to Puting Bato and then proceed to Canibad after, I didn't have second thoughts of agreeing to the idea. Since Rhon can't make it because she's in Butuan, Ghen too can't make it as well as Liela because she's still in Panabo and Cacai because she's in Tagum at the moment. Hay... It's up to me and Jane, since it's just the two of us who are more eager to go there, plus the thought of Climbing to Puting Bato makes me more excited. Why? It's just my first time lang naman hehehe...

The day before the climb, we meet up (Jane and I), bought some food, drinks and slippers too. I slept early (milagro! nyahaha..) then I woke up at around 2 a.m. when i heard my mobile phone's tune. It was Jane. So, I go online and we talked. She said It's been raining since last night and that maybe it would be dangerous to climb there because it would be slippery and her brother wasn't home yet so she didn't know if the climb will be postponed again or not. The said climb was supposedly on June 28-29 but it was canceled and moved to July 5-6. I do my usual rounds, blogging! Yeah, then after a while her brother arrived and then she told me na tuloy daw ang climb, wweeeee.... After staying in front of the computer for minutes, I went downstairs and start packing up some things that I have forgotten to put on my pack bag. Took a shower, drank hot chocolate and ready the foods, and set off to our meeting place, outside the Magsaysay Park. I was almost late because it took me a while to wait for a ride going there. When i arrived, there are lots of people in their huge bags and cool outfits, i think I'm out of place. *lol* then I saw Jane and her brother and walked towards them. We waited for so long for the registration, it was 350 pesos.

Taking photos while waiting for the bus....

The freebies were : an ordinary sling bag,
T-shirt, cellphone pouch, a big transparent I.D. na pwde paglagyan din ng cellphone para dili mabasa, transportation (going there only), snacks and foods during dinner only and certificates. Not bad right? I think it's worth every penny.

At around 9 a.m., we ride a bus and set off from Magsaysay Park, Davao City, ride the ferry barge to PeƱaplata, Samal Island. Then from PeƱaplata we ride a multicab going to Brgy. Guilon. We started trekking there at around 10 a.m. going to Brgy. Tagbitinao.

Whew! it was just a few meters away since we started trekking from Brgy. Gulion going to Brgy. Tagbitinao, when I feel so thirsty already and my sweat's starting to fall waahhhh...

Whew! Pa-deliver nga ng snow please! It's so damn hot! Still, we've manage to laugh and smile while taking photos.

When we reached Brgy. Tagbinitao we take a rest for a while then we started climbing going to the Marco Polo Campsite. Perti man diay ka-tungasunon padulong didto oi! Whew! Been reaching for air! nyahahaha... We were just beginning to hike when we almost lost our track because we didn't see the red ribbon which indicate as the trekking trail, ah! Dah! Tagam! Good thing there's this guy on our back who saw the ribbon and told us that we were taking the wrong trail, hahahaha, well, he almost lost his track too because he's following behind us.

Ang kalabaw..
. bow... Hala sige pa ug picture-picture sa mga na-agian hapit nuon masaag hehehe...

Taking Photos again while resting.... Whew! I stopped trekking and here is what my chinky eyes saw... Quite fascinating? It's marvelous! Finally we reached the Marco Polo camp site and we had our lunch there... Whew! Gutom bay!

lay ang batang gikapoy... Tired feet and legs... urrgghh...

After having lunch we stayed and rest for a while... Then we started trekking again going to Canibad Beach Resort... I really can't count how many times I've slipped, not that I'm so clumsy but it's really slippery and boy my knees are shaking! hahahaha... then we would rest again for a while... Gosh! I thought my problem with climbing up was finally over and it would be easier later going down but I never thought that trekking downhill was much worst! Men! The other climbers were laughing at me because I can't stop my feet from walking down and... Lisud ihunong! nyhahaha... Anyways, the other climbers were too fast and we we're left behind. We met one of the events' staff on our way down and he informed us that they run out of Red Ribbons! And so he told us where we would go, straight, then right then I dunno I was so tired to remember what he just said. Then we met Rolson, participant #36. He was the one who helped me carry my bag. Well, he volunteered to do so and I let him because I keep on slipping! He said it's okay because it's still my first time... Ganahan pud ko kay naa na ko'y tig-dala.. hehehe joke lang... And just when we thought that we were so near to Canibad, we realized that we weren't. I remember there used to be a big coral there but what we saw was not the one which is in Canibad. Men! We're Lost! We don't know where we would be heading to plus there are lots of mosquito in the area biting us. So, Rolson left us for a while and checked the area... after a while he came back and told us that we took the wrong trail. Good thing Rolson was there coz I don't know what would happen to us if he wasn't ,to think that it was just me and Jane adventuring on our own. God is still good, he sent an angel in the human form, which is Rolson, participant #36 hehehe... Unfortunately, I haven't got the chance to take a photo of him... Well, that's all that there is, he's that guy wearing a blue shirt.

Photos before reaching Canibad... Sagana kaayo sila sa tubig, Overflowing...

If Jane's brother was only there maybe we wouldn't got lost... Perti pud iyahang kuya, gibiyaan mi sa ere... waahhh... Muapas ra daw kay naa pay work...

Whew! After hours of trekking, we finally reached Canibad and the first thing we do, we sit on the sand and rest! hahahaha... Kapoy kaya kaayo noh! I think I've slept for an hour after we arrive there, who wouldn't? hahahaha... Grabe! So tiring but I still had fun... Later in the evening we had dinner together with the others. There were programs like games and raffles and later after that mag reggae-reggae tah bay! You want to know where was Jane and I at that time? In our tents sleeping! hahaha... I could hear their laughters but my body just can't move up, so I prefer to sleep and rest.

July 6, 2008: Swimming sa Canibad beach! Weee.... Lami kaayo ang tubig... Ligo na tah!

...and after that we started packing our things and went back here in Davao... The experience was really really tiring but great, I really had fun... Yeah! I could say that I still want to climb again... hahaha.. Where? I still don't know... Let's just wait and see... and so my very long post about my First ever Climbing experience will come to an end... Till then... Hope you did had fun reading hehehe...

Kaila ka'g sunburn? Mao tawon na akoang souvenir... Tagam!
"Live life to the fullest"

Friday, July 18, 2008

What's Your Goddess Identity?



You go, girl! Like a Phoenix, the beautiful, soaring bird that represents vision and a thirst for life, your quest for adventure never dies. Whether parading around in a flashy, red dress at your next party, volunteering to tutor kids in reading, or signing up for a photography class, you possess a natural creativity and curiosity that guarantees a life filled with all sorts of exciting twists and turns.

People around you marvel at your energy — how is it that you're able to whiz through a jam-packed day, rush to your kickboxing class, and then still feel lively enough to hang with friends and family? Just chalk it up to your undying love of life. You've never met a challenge you didn't like — even when it comes to romance. No one can resist your diva-like charms, not even that scorching crush who leaves everyone else weak in the knees.

Chances are that with your confidence and radiance, you have plenty of invitations to movie dates and nights out with the girls. So go to it, Phoenix. The world needs more people like you!

Sounds true to me.... hehehehe... Wish to take this Quiz too? Click here.

"Live life to the fullest"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Damhag nga Simpack!

Huhuhu... Nawala akoang Smart Sim!!! Pagka-tangent Alpha na lang gyud sa simpack oi! Asa na kaha to nag-wara-wara karon? Pirte sigurong lipaya niya nga nakalingakawas na gyud siya kanako. Hay... May unta ang makakita i-uli? Dugay-dugay na pud baya to nako na sim oi... Giatay, mao baya to nga numero ang akoang gipangbutang sa akoang resume oi... Mao gyud to siya ang pirme nako ginagamit, ikaduha ra ang Sun sim hehehe... Sa karon, mga higala, kauyaban, ka-fling2, kapamilya, kapuso, kaaway o si kinsa pa diha, manawagan ko kaninyo nga sa SUN sa gyud ko ninyo i-text and call... Wwaaahhhh kay nagdinamhag ang akoang sim... huhuhuhuhu....

"Live life to the fullest"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Kind of Traveler Are You?


Outdoorsy Traveler

Climbing Machu Picchu. Windsurfing in the tropics. Shooting river rapids. When you're traveling, it's all about escaping to the outdoors. After all, taking part in life's little adventures is what makes a vacation more of a getaway.

Of course you'll head inside for a few hours to see what treasures museums, cathedrals, and historic sites hold. But you'd probably rather be hiking, skydiving, skiing, or just exploring the scenic offerings your destination boasts. Some fresh air and a new view are all you need to rejuvenate. Soak it up!

Really sounds like ME!!! nyahahaha... If you want to take this test too CLICK HERE.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Earthquake hits Davao City

I woke up this morning at around 11... I thought that someone's in my bed because it's shaking *lol* then I thought: 'Hala! Linog ! (Hala! Earthquake!)'. Well, it was gone in seconds, Thank God! and I'm glad there were no aftershocks... When the news was aired on television, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology the quake here in Davao City was intensity 2. Well, the quake was just mild and I thought it was just intensity 1. hehehe... mali akoang assumptions... Anyways, The earthquake occured 44 kilometers east of Tagum City, Davao del Norte with a depth of 55 km and with an intensity of 4, while in Compostela Valley it was an intensity 3. There were no casualties reported, Thank you Lord... hhhmmm... I hope that what happened earlier was in no connection with the rumored 8.1 magnitude earthquake that they say (?) would happen on July 18 here in the Philippines. Let's just hope and pray it wouldn't come...

"Live life to the fullest"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

interrogate me!

Got this tag from Ylan, Thanksgirl... =)

:: July 13, 2008

:: uuhhmm... 1 p.m.

:: Yeah, sa baywalk...

:: Nag-bike2 hehehe... nagpalipas ng sama ng loob...

:: uuhhmm.. ingon nila 20 pa daw ko, pero ang tinuod kay.... tagnaa daw beh! nyahahaha...

:: mature but immature at times....

:: mamaLola ug papaLolo hehehe...

:: nope...

:: sa Malls...

:: tired of it nah... i used to when I'm still a kid.. hehehe...

:: dili kaayo... tamadan ko usahay mubasa hehehehe...

:: hhhmmm.... i dunno...

:: hhhmm... kinsa man? kaw kabalo ka? kay akowala gyud kabalo... hehehe...

:: spoiled sa lola dati... pero dili man tanto hehehe...

:: 18 pa daw koh!!!!!! nyahahahahaha... gigitik ko uie!!!

:: ang eldest namo only boy...

:: Si Ken Zhu.... nyahhahaha....

18. WOULD U LIKE TO MEET Josh Hartnett?
:: sure, why not... pwede date2 pud mi? hahaha...

19. where do u think ur bestfriend is?
:: she's in Butuan now...

:: hhmmm before she leave for Davao, that was last month...

:: hhmmm... maybe? hehehe.. sha, unsa man? kinahanglan ba daw ko nimo now?

:: uuhhmm... Cybershot lang lipay nako... hehehe...

:: hhmm.. Porsche?

:: NO thanks! (ngano si heart gyud?) nyahahha... (bitaw Ylan noh?!)

:: sometimes... pero light lang... :)

:: not using one...

:: a big N O . . .

:: hhhmm... magpagamay sa ko ug tiyan ha? nyahhaha...

:: hhhmmm.... kialtan man ta ani uie... uhhmmm... usa o duha tama na na...

:: sus lipay kaayo ko na wala nako anah! hehehe....

:: I Promise by Stephanie Conejos of Ateneo.... ganahan kaau ko, LSS na gani nyahha..

:: nope....

:: pwede sa Paris? bantayg dili ko nimo dal-on didto, pangutana2 ka diha...

I'm tagging Neil, Rhon, Joy B. and everyone interested :)

"Live life to the fullest"


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