Thursday, July 24, 2008

First, Last and Now



* First name: Yolanda Miah
* First screen name: tEDyBabes (One 'D' lang gyudna xa kay naay meaning weee...)
* First funeral: The father of my Aunt's best friend, can't remember the date.
* First piercing: I really can't remember, I think I was still a baby at that time ;)..
* First kiss: Uhhmmm... P3? My ultimate Crush and First Love... yeee.. kilig? nah!
* First love: P3 nga po...


* Last beverage drank: Apple Juice...
* Last food consumed: Sotanghon...
* Last phone call: Hhmm... si Phillip...
* Last time showered: A while ago lang...
* Last CD played: Hmm...? I think it's Utada Hikaru's First Love...
* Last website visited: Paypal, I've got funds daw. weee.... dungagan napud gamay! ;)


* Single or taken: Ehem... very much Single! :)
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: Nov. 07
* Sign: Scorpio
* Shoe size: 5 or 5.5? (i think?)
* Thinking about: Topics to post here... :)


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I’m tagging Julai, Rhon and Ylan! Have fun ladies! :)

"Live life to the fullest"

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