Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Learning Networking with Cisco

I am happy to have a chance to post about this topic because I can relate to this one. I have the opportunity to study and learn about networking as part of our school's curriculum which is the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA). I have taken Cisco Networking 1 and 2; which is about Networking and Networking Basics and Routers and Routing Basics courses. I am proud that I have gained my Cisco certification right after taking all those exams that we had.

Cisco is a company recognized around the world for its network equipment and certification programs. Cisco networking solutions includes routers, switches, VPN systems and training programs.

What I like about the course is that it’s very challenging. Being able to make and set-up a network is quite confusing at first but I’ve learned a lot from our professor, who was really good at teaching at that subject and also from the exercises that we made. From proper cabling, how to configure a router and to set-up a network is really a tough task but I enjoyed and had fun learning those things. After taking the two courses I think I still want to furthermore enhance my knowledge about it. I still haven't finished taking up Cisco Netwroking 3, so I might try to enroll in it soon, in God's will.

For those who are planning to study networking, Cisco Networking offers a comprehensive IT training online. Whether you are an entry level or simply advancing your knowledge about Networking. You'll be able to learn and enhance your knowledge and skills in it. Having an experience in networking can be your greatest asset and learning with Cisco could give you a great boost to your career. With the global demand for IT professionals now there will be a greater chance for you to be able to land a job.

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