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Friday, August 31, 2007

Maroon & White '89

I was just looking at some of the stuffs in our cabinet not knowing what exactly I was looking for… There were books, magazines, Bible, etc… First, I was looking at the bible storybook when
a Maroon and White yearbook caught my attention, it was my sisters'. I paused for a while and think of
her, of how I missed her a lot for being not able to be with us here (in the Philippines) and the seldom communication. Right at that moment flashes of scenes were playing like I was watching a movie... way back when it was just the two of us... hanging out, playing games like 'Tagu-anay' (Hide & seek) & 'Sungka' (missed playing that game *sigh*), and her playing a good role as an Ate to me...

I then look at the pictures and try to find my sister’s picture but was so unlucky to hit upon some of the pages that had been cut… Well, I did finally saw her and was surprised to see my sister with me and our mom on the picture, my mom’s carrying me on her left while my sister is on the other side… I really missed my Ate Gaga, I just wished we could spend time together again just like before... Good memories are hard to forgetand that's all been left to us, but no matter what happens, YOU will always be here in my heart and I am forever grateful for all that you've done for me... Thank You! =)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Tree Hill...

I woke up one night and caught my cousin and sister watching DVD in the living room. It is the season one of the television series entitled “One Tree Hill", borrowed by my cousin from one of her friends. I then sat next to them and started watching it.

The story goes better and better as each episode ends, definitely worth watching. In addition, it’s theme songs were good too that I instantly liked it’s opening song ‘I Don’t Want to Be’ by Gavin DeGraw and just the thought of mentioning it now makes me wanna sing it… *lol*

Here's a few lines from the song:

I don't want to be
Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do
Is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms
Wondering what I've got to do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me

I can’t wait to watch it’s next season, my cousin’s going to borrow the season two of it… My sister said that it is shown in RPN 9 every Wednesday but just not sure of the time hence, I’ll try and see if it is true. I don't know but it seems like I am already addicted to it... *smiling*

Where nothing ever changed until one outsider changed everything...

Nathan Scott, a beautiful and popular athlete, is the absolute star of the Ravens, his high school basketball team, just as once was his proud dad, ambitious businessman Dan Scott, who pushes him harder then even the coach approves of. When the team celebrates a victory by 'borrowing' a school bus arrests are made; Dan manages to get Nathan escape exclusion, but as others are less lucky the team needs new players, so the coach invites Nathan's half-brother Lucas Scott, who was abandoned with his mother and only plays basketball with a few friends in the park, his passion being reading. When he also seems to hit on with Nathan's girlfriend Peyton, the star dares him one-to-one for high stakes...

Besides a love for hoops, it would seem that Lucas and Nathan are two young men with little in common - except for the dark secret that they share the same father. Arrogant and assured, Nathan is the star of the high school basketball team and hails from the wealthiest family in town. Quiet, brooding and driven, Lucas is a loner, the only child of a single working mom. He's always kept his distance from Nathan. But their lives collide when a twist of fate puts Lucas on Nathan's team. The rumor that's haunted the boys since childhood now becomes more than just whispers as the half-brothers compete not only for control of the court, but also for the heart of Nathan's girlfriend. So unfolds a deep and bitter conflict that's been years in the making; one that will play itself out in their homes, their hearts and at school as they struggle to come to terms with who they really are - and the fact that they may have more in common than they ever imagined.

One Tree Hill

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Miah = Bumblebee

I just watched Transformers yesterday on DVD (pirated but it's a good copy *winks*). It was really C O O L ! ! ! (exaggerated bah?) You can't blame me as I was really amazed by it's animation and it's story as well... Just a few minutes ago, I ran into this Transformers Quiz site and I started answering it and here's the result....


As an Autobot spy, Bumblebee is the ultimate robot in disguise. What he lacks in size and strength, he makes up for with courage. He enjoys the company of humans and would do anything for his Earthly friends.

Like Bumblebee, you are good by nature. But beware because mischievous thoughts sometimes tempt you. You want to be a leader and show some promise, but you have much to learn. In addition, you stick to the basics and don't need all the encumberances of modern technology.

If you wanna know which one of the Transformers are you, why don't you try this Quiz now. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Learning Experience....

I think I have to let go of my introvert side and be more outspoken… I know I’ve failed the expectation of others and even to myself. I was hurt by the way my evaluation goes but then I have to consider that maybe I really needed to improve more, to work hard on my weaker side and try to enhance it more. It may not be my line of expertise but then I think I still have to exert more effort and improve what is it to be improved. I know I did my part but that’s just what I can do for the moment, it may not be that good to others but for me it was like something that I never thought that I could really do.

I already know from the start that the field I would be entering to would really be a big challenge for me, even though I failed and get hurt by how the result goes, in the end I am still grateful for that experience. It may not be that fulfilling to others but for me it is… I’ve learned a lot from it, learn some things from the tasks that they’ve assigned to me and I've learned a lot more about myself... The experience made me realized and reflect that I needed to improve my character, to be matured and grow in a positive way not for others but for myself. It's not that easy to change yourself but maybe little by little I can manage to do so...

I know I needed to experience those things in order to learn more about myself and life... to learn more for my own growth, so I can be a better person. It hurts but I know I can surpass this and I needed to... I have to... There's more to life than that, what matter is that I've learned to accept those things... God may have other plans for me and He might just be busy planning
and working it out. I don't blame anyone on what happened, I know I have my shortcomings too... I just need to let it go but I just can't control my feelings... I'm not taking it on the negative side and I'm not blaming them, they too just did their part... I won't let my emotions drown me into the darkness but I want to think that it helped bring out the best out of me if this is the way for me to become stronger...

Monday, August 6, 2007


I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of things recently… I wasn’t been able to focus on the important things I should be doing… I was given a task to research something on the internet, while miss j was talking to me, giving instructions on what to research and what to do, I was listening… trying to internalize what’s she’s trying to let me do. She walked away a few minutes after that and then I started doing my research… She came back afterwards and asked me to reconstruct what I’ve just sent to her mail. She told me what to do again and left afterwards… she was just gone for a few minutes when all of a sudden I couldn’t remember what she just told me… (hahahaha… silly… dumb me… I hate myself that day). So absent minded... I don’t know where my mind was wandering off that day… I didn’t even understand what I was reading… was I just exhilarated in all those interviews? Excited? I really don't know....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Food for thought....

Photo Link

I was having breakfast alone when my sister came into our dining room and sit beside me. While eating, we were talking about her upcoming acquaintance party and other stuffs regarding her studies. I was about to finish eating, when she remembered an incident that happened yesterday and started telling me her story. Anne said: “Ate Che, Kagahapon ba sa village nila Leah, naay mga bata na nagakolekta ug lamaw.” (Ate {appellation for elder sister} Che, Yesterday at Leah’s village there was a group of kids who are collecting leftovers.) I on the other hand was about to laugh as I had my last piece of food in my plate thinking ‘what’s she’s talking about? I’m still eating’, but then I just disregard it and still continue listening to her. Anne: “Kada balay sila nagakolekta ug lamaw, nagdala-dala sila ug dako na balde, pagkahuman nihunong sila gi-abrihan nila ang balde ug gitan-aw ang mga sulod. Tpos nakakita man na sila ug pizza ilang gikuha ug gikaon. Grabe noh? Luoy kaayo sila”. (They were collecting leftovers in every house holding a big bucket of it and after that they stopped and open it and take a glimpse of what’s inside, They then saw a pizza... took it and started eating it. They're so pitiful.)

With our population rising up and economy's down, it’s the children who are suffering the most. I feel so sorry for those children; a lot of us are still lucky to have fine foods in our dining table while the others out there are busy looking for anything everywhere just to fill their empty stomachs...

...foolish heart...

Don't know why, just out of the blue,

my mind drove off to you.

Years had passed but can't forget this feeling I have for you.

Thought it was gone through the years that had passed,

but it was just resting inside, waiting for the right cue.

As I lay down to sleep,

memories of you keep haunting me on the silent of the night,

alone... I’m still awake...

Painful feelings i always feel knowing your heart's been owned.

Past is past, I know...

but this foolish heart's still shouting for your name.

Deep inside my heart, it's you and always been you it was crying for.

Only you can heal this crazy heart of mine,

but I know it would be dream forever would not come...

=( *sigh*

Written By:

-jereMiah "JM"

This poem was made only for P3...


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