Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Poem from You to Me

I've been fixing my things in my cabinet when I saw an old note. It was from a very DEER este DEAR friend of mine. It was a self-written poem she wrote for me, entitled 'FRIEND', sweet eh? It was written in year 2001, it's been so long since we've been friends, eight years already. We used to write little notes before or give each other cards when there is an occasion or even sweet nothings, just a little letter or note to inspire or cheer us up. But eventually as time pass by, there were no more cards, no more letters or little notes... Technology has made it's way to making things easier like sending text messages... but the messages from our cellphones will not stay that long, mine had been gone when my cellphone was reformatted and when my old sim got lost. These cards, letters and little notes will forever be alive, well if you'll take good care of it and put it in a safe place *winks*. hehehe... and forever it will be in my heart.

Okay, here's her poem for me:


I know sometimes
life is hard
and isn't always fair.

And sometimes friends
you thought were true,
suddenly don't care.

When words of anger,
hate and fear,
knock upon your door.

I'll be there for you
A Friend forevermore.

...and she was really there during my ups and downs... and even in my worst... hehehe...

This may not be the greatest poem ever written in the whole wide world but for me it is, as it was written from the bottom of her heart... Thank you Rhon, I miss your company already... Wish you could come back home again, hopefully this Kadayawan Festival... I love you best friend (Well, I've never called her that ever since but I consider her as one. hehehe!) =)

"Live life to the fullest"

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