Thursday, September 19, 2013

Family Getaway at Secdea Beach Resort in Samal Island

My family was reunited once again and I am so happy we're complete because we rarely see each other! August is the month that I love most, it is the month where my Mom and brother would come and visit us because it is Summer time in their place. I got excited when my sister and her family came and my brother too who is studying in Manila. They all went here to celebrate the birthday of our youngest brother.

They only had a week to stay here so we thought of going out on the beach to relax and have some fun while celebrating my brother's birthday. We were thinking of going to Secdea  Beach Resort or Playa Azalea. We decided to go for Secdea Beach Resort because Playa Azalea is exclusive only for property owners or if you have an invitation from a friend, relative or someone who have a lot there. Since we don't know anyone who have a lot there, we chose Secdea Beach Resort

SECDEA (pronounced as "sek-deh-yah") isn't officially opened yet and is halfway through their development but they allow a few guests to come and visit the place. Only guests who book in advance will be accommodated due to their limited capacity. So, we booked for an overnight stay. The Villa Secdea Two is good for 12 pax and costs PHP 15,000. It was perfect for us because we were exactly 12 pax but too bad it is already taken because someone booked for it ahead than us. Our second option would be the Sea Breeze Lodge.

Villa Secdea Two

The Sea Breeze Lodge is good for 4 pax but it can accommodate up to 12 persons, we just needed to add extra beds which costs 500 PHP/pax! The Sea Breeze Lodge has 2 rooms and each room have 1 shower room and 1 comfort room.

Sea Breeze Lodge 1

Sea Breeze Lodge 2

We rode the barge at Sasa Barge Wharf and it was a long bumpy ride going there from Babak Barge Wharf. I think The distance from Babak going to Secdea Beach Resort is around 9 to 10 km. and travel time would be around 30-40 minutes depending on your speed. From the Babak Barge Wharf, we went straight ahead and turn left into the Circumferential road then turn right into the Babak-Samal-Kaputian road. Johncy was the one I have contacted when we booked there and so we talked to him and he was  really patient with us in guiding our way to Secdea.

There were no guards or any person on their  main gate, and so we entered and followed the signs. We were charged 15 PHP each upon entering the 2nd gate. We weren't charged 650 PHP per pax because we've booked for a room, the entrance fee is for the day tour guests only.

We parked our vehicles and we were fetched by their staffs and we rode in their golf cars until we arrived in their clubhouse to check-in...

Everybody's excited to roam around and take photos. Here are some shots of the place...

We really had a great time at Secdea, we played volleyball and went swimming afterwards. The pool's water is warm and inviting, plus the mountains on the background gives you a relaxing sight...

Infinity Pool

We had an early morning walk at the Mangrove Walk and I saw cutie li'l crabs in different colors! It's my first time to see a crab that has a big claw on the other side and on the other one is so small, kind of weird noh? Anyways, my toddler enjoyed our morning walk because she enjoyed the surroundings and the little fishes swimming in the mangroves and in the sea.

A relaxing morning walk around the beach... The view is really beautiful and I really feel at peace....

It was my first time to try kayaking and it was really hard. It looked easy if you're just looking but when you try paddling, it is quite hard. Well, we still enjoyed our first kayaking experience... hehehe...

Secdea Beach Resort rates:

If you want to bring foods or drinks, here are their corkage rates:
  • PhP 500/lechon or any size
  • PhP 300/bottle of drink of any size
  • PhP 300/viand of any size
Amenities Rates:
  • Jetskie- Php 4,000 per hour / Php 2,500 per 30 min
  • Kayak (Single) – Php 300 per hour / Php 200 per 30 min
  • Kayak (Double) – Php 400 per hour / Php 250 per 30 min
  • Paddler Boat – Php 200 per hour / Php 150 per 30 min
  • Banana Boat Ride (4 pax min) – Php 300 per 30 min
  • Life Vest Rental – Php 150 per day
  • Bicyle – Php 400 per day / Php 150 per hour
  • Van Pick-up from Port vice-versa – Php 1,000 per way (to be arranged in advance) 
  • Helicopter Transport (3 pax) – Php 26,000 per way (to be arranged in advance)
For more information:

Contact Numbers: (082) 305-2774/ (082) 305-4028/ 0923-7244-938 and Davao booking office no. (082)295-7912
Email: /

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