Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everything is Under Control with Dirt Devil

Cleaning is the extreme word you could imagine and
it is the farthest word you could imagine me of doing. I admit I rarely do household chores and my mom would always nag about how lazy I am. Well, every now and then I clean-up our room and our house, what a mess... Our stairs are all covered with carpet and I think it's been months since the last time I've cleaned it. Before, I used to clean it manually, men, it was really exhausting and you know what? The dusts are all over the place! So we bought a vacuum cleaner. And everything goes smoothly; it's much easier to do the chores in our house now and obviously a lesser amount of stress. But the only thing that distracts me when I’m cleaning is its CABLES, it frequently wraps on my feet because of that I used expansion cables so that I can also reach the stairs. On the other hand, our vacuum cleaner is not that so useful. As I mention earlier, it’s hard to reach some other parts in our house. I need or we need expansion cables just to clean those parts. And it’s not safe; it will only be a cause of an accident. So, I’ve searched on the Internet for a better solution for that.


...and I stumble upon
Dirt Devil's site and it can finally help me with our problem doing our household chores. Their new product, the Accucharge Technology is cordless! Easy to use! And we don’t need to worry on how to clean those hard to reach areas that the vacuum cant reach and as well as the cables wrapping all around our appliances while cleaning. In addition it uses 70% less energy, being the first cordless cleaning technology to earn an Energy Star approval. You're not just saving time and effort here; you're going to save money too by using less electricity.

Thanks to DIRT DEVIL… everything is under control now.

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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