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Sunday, January 7, 2007


My best friend is into filmmaking lately, on my birthday she asked me about my LOLO and the incident at the Davao International Airport last March 4, 2003... They were planning to do a movie about it for the Guerilla Filmmaking 4: 2nd Mindanao Film Festival, she's concerned about how I still feel about the incident and at the same time gathered some infos about what happened that day... I still feel sad everytime i think of it but somehow I felt excited thinking of making it into a movie and so I decided to join them.

A few colleagues of mine at AMACC including their friends and their friend's friends were now ready to shoot for our upcoming Short film Entry. Sharon was the one who wrote the script and I'm helping her do some research about it... I really enjoyed the experience that we had during the shoot. I get to meet some friends and they were all nice and friendly… Everyday they have to go to work and at night we had to shoot for some scenes, it was really hard for them also but for the LOVE OF ART they’re still surviving though even if sometimes it takes us ‘til dawn for us to finish some of the scenes. We still manage to laugh and joke at things that happened to us, (Bakit aku nagbumba??!) Though it was really a hard task to let the artist pour his/her emotions into that particular scene but still they managed to do it. There were discussions and arguments but thank God we were able to fix it though the burden was put onto our scriptwriter, as she has to REVISE again some parts of the movie. Still we enjoyed the experience; all the late night walks on the streets carrying our stuffs and all that (Wala na kasing pamasahe…), Sleeping on a petite room with the five of us there to crowd in, going to work and haven’t sleep for nights and the revision of the script over and over again… but the good thing is we were able to finish the film and be able to see it on BIG SCREEN!!! yeah!!! It was amazing… all the hardships were put into that film and you can see the people’s reaction about how the film goes, it makes you so proud of yourself... And a lot more prouder when we got almost all the awards during the awards night... All those sleepless nights were paid off... whew! *lolz* Hurray! to all the cast and crew of "MARSOKWATRO!"

Awards: Best Actor, Best in Musical Score, Best in Editing, Best in Cinematography, Best Director and Red Fist Award for Best Production Value.

For more pictures of MarsoKwatro click the links at the side bar... =)

Film Description

This film was inspired by the March 4, 2003 (MarsoKwatro) Davao Airport bombing that killed 21 people and injured hundreds more.

The story revolves around three youngsters, their struggles and battles with life, and the individual rage burning in them against the one they believe is their enemy.

The film raises the questions: How does one deal with the hurts and pains caused by the tragic death of a loved one? How does one handle the consequences of his evil act? Where does one go after experiencing such a tragic incident?

Monday, January 1, 2007

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