Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Talk with a Nine Year Old Kid

This conversation happened months ago when I was having my vacation at Hong Kong. I want to just name my nine year old niece "K" and here is what we've talked about on that particular day....

K: So, You like Hong Kong?
Me: (Thinking) Hmmm... Yes.
K: You like Hong Kong more than Philippines?
Me: I don't know, I haven't really toured around all of Hong Kong so I still can't tell.
K: Hong Kong is great. I love hong Kong. So, you like Hong Kong more than Davao?
Me: I like Hong Kong but I love Davao!
K: Why? Hong Kong is beautiful and lots of beautiful places. It's clean and there are no crimes here.
Me: No Crimes?? Really?? Maybe there are a few but nothing? Really? I don't believe you.
K: Yes! It's true, unlike Philippines, there are storms and floods and even tsunami.
Me: What? There's no tsunami in the Philippines (simbako! Ipalayo!). In terms of storms and floods, maybe you're referring to Manila or in Luzon areas, but not Davao. Storms can't get inside Davao and we rarely had floods.

We we're riding a double decker bus at that time and we sat at the top (first time, try gyud!). I sat near the window and was beside me. Then I saw some empty plastic bottles, cellophanes and other garbage hidden from the bushes in an 'island' in the middle of the street. I let her look at those and told her, that the road was very clean you can't see any tiny garbage but the garbage were just hiding in the middle of the streets. I wonder Why people would throw their garbage there when in every block you can see a trash can nearby.

Me: It's not clean pala... hehehe...
K: Why do people throw their garbage there? i hate to see that, we should make our environment clean and not pollute it!
(She gets mad when you didn't throw your garbage in the proper place and she never want to break any rules especially traffic rules. When she sees it's red, we should stop or else she gets mad. lol)
Me: Some people are just too lazy to put it in the trash can...

As the bus keeps moving forward, i can still see a lot of garbage in the island...

Me: Look there! See... garbage... hehehe... So, you really like Hong Kong huh?
K: Yes! It's the best place in the whole world!
Me: I love Davao! You know what? Davao is the Greenest and Most Livable City in the Philippines, almost zero crime rate and typhoon-free place. One of the Largest City in the world and Davao ranks
3rd in the Cleanest Water in the whole world. We can drink the water from the faucet unlike here in Hong Kong. (Ako na pud ang nang-hambog, pero tinuod man gyud, hehehe...)
K: Really? Why would you drink from the faucet, it's dangerous, you'll get sick! Don't drink from there.
Me: No it's not dangerous, it's safe.
K: Diba when we we're in the Philippines we drink mineral water.
You should drink mineral water.
Me: That was in Manila, we live in Davao. We don't need to buy mineral water. I told you we have one of the Cleanest Water in the world, so it's safe, unlike here in hong Kong, you can't drink the water directly from the faucet. :)


I know, nasuya na siya kay nihilom na. Nalabwan na iyahang lugar hehehe...

My sister knew there's something wrong because we we're silent for too long and that means we had a fight or an argument. hehehe...

Sis: O, Ba't natahimik kayo? What happened ha?
Me: (Whispering.) Sshhh.. Nasuya siya sa akoa kay nagno daw muinom mi ug water gikan sa gripo.
Sis: Oi, Why are you mad?
Me: Because they're drinking water from the faucet and it's dangerous and not safe.
Sis: Eh What will you do? You can't force them not to drink directly from the faucet.
Me: Shhh.. Ayaw na patuli ang bata, ikaw bah... pasagdi lang... hehehe...

She was still silent until we reached our destination. So, I tried to talk to her again but not thetopic about Davao and Hong Kong hehehe... And after a while she was back into her bubbly mode again... :)

"Live life to the fullest"

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tina said...

haha. that was interesting. i too am very proud of Davao.. and would promote it everywhere i go. hehe

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