Saturday, August 4, 2007

...foolish heart...

Don't know why, just out of the blue,

my mind drove off to you.

Years had passed but can't forget this feeling I have for you.

Thought it was gone through the years that had passed,

but it was just resting inside, waiting for the right cue.

As I lay down to sleep,

memories of you keep haunting me on the silent of the night,

alone... I’m still awake...

Painful feelings i always feel knowing your heart's been owned.

Past is past, I know...

but this foolish heart's still shouting for your name.

Deep inside my heart, it's you and always been you it was crying for.

Only you can heal this crazy heart of mine,

but I know it would be dream forever would not come...

=( *sigh*

Written By:

-jereMiah "JM"

This poem was made only for P3...

1 Reactions:

twinks said...

Nosebleed ko sis!
Emo jud diay ay...
sigh.. ana jud na sis and love..
But life must go on ika nga.
One day you'll wake up and you're not thinking of him anymore. It happened to me with my 1st bf. You just have to learn to let go and get over him (murag kanta to ah..hehehe)
Kaya mo yan sis!


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