Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sports of my Life

Ever since I was a kid I had learned to love basketball. I know it's not the sport you would think I would be interested of because I was so small back then and because of the fact that I am a girl. I love playing it at school or even in our neighborhood. Most of my playmates are boys, I rarely had a girl to play with in that sport except in school. Small but terrible, that's what I always hear from my classmates, schoolmates and friends before whenever I am playing basketball. My father (may his soul rest in peace) loved basketball too and he was once a player. We share the same interest and would watch a basketball game together, although we had different choice of teams and we seldom argue because of that. I had stopped playing basketball when I was introduced to a sport named Taekwondo. Since then, I rarely go out and play with my friends anymore because I was hooked up with the new sport that I have learned. I really wanted to learn martial arts when I was still young, my ulterior motive for wanting to join was to defend myself from the bullies at school. I never got the chance to learn it not until during my college days. Since then I keep on practicing a lot and joined tournaments. Taekwondo had a very great impact in my life, it is in this sport that I gained more self-esteem and learned discipline and hardwork.

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