Sunday, September 28, 2008

My good names….

Tinag ako ni Annalyn aka manilenya.

Ito ang mga pangalang kusang ibinigay, ipinalit sa kusang ibinigay, pinilit na gamitin, at iniregalong pangalan (mayroon bang ganun?)

1. Jeremiah - should be my name now if they haven't changed it, I like it pa naman. tsk3...

2. Yolanda Miah- this is the given name in my B. C. (hatag ni nila, ala ko'y mabuhat, dli pa man tah kareklamo sauna, igu ra mu-uhhhaaa!! uuuuhhhaa!!!)

3. Che-Che - My nickname, my family and relatives calls me by that name and I really don't know how did they get that? (Kalayo sakoang angga tawon uie!)

4. Yoland's/Yo - my classmates and schoolmate in elementary and high school calls me by that name.

5. JM - I got this from my JereMiah name and my ULTIMATE CRUSH / My First Love calls me by this alias. Rhon one of my bestfriends calls me JM and her family too..

6. Tedybabes and Dannica Nicole - I combined a my name and the name of my Utimate Crush, and yan ang result. I used those two as my nicks in the IRC World.

7. Miah - (read as Mi Ya) I don't like to be called by my first name? Why? I had the same first name in one of my sister, hers is Yolanda Micah. When someone would call here at home looking for Yolanda, it's so tiring to ask which Yolanda? Duh! Basta, I don't want my name to be associated from her name because I HATE HER A LOT!!! (she's not my real sis by the way....) My bestfriends, close friends, acquaintances, new found friends calls me MIAH now.. wehehehe...

8. Youd's/ Bugoy/ JM - tawag sakoa sa akoang mga crushes sauna.. wehehehehe...

9. Jerahby - My xbf used to call me... Jerah means as sweet as honey and got the by from baby.... (sa kanya is Jarahby and same meaning lang ang Jerah and Jarah, I just forgot at what country is it).

10. Mei Yah / Bi Nga - My mandarin name which is Mei Yah which means Beauty and Elegance (Ehem!) while the Bi Nga id my Fookien name.

12. insoMIAH - current nick in IRC.... Wala lang, just want you to know...

How about you guys? May I know your GOOD NAMES too? C'mon, don't be shy, share it... :)

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