Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Random Blah's

The other day, I get to talk to one of my ex-office mate. She told me that there was some unknown guys who tried to rob in their workplace. The guard on duty was tied up and was thrown into the canal just outside the place. I was shocked upon knowing this news. I've been working there for months and nothing bad had happened to us, and it's been months already since I've resigned there. I asked my ex-office mate if the guard on duty was sleeping again because when I was still there and when we usually have overtime, I would always catch him sleeping. It's not just once that I nor my other ex-co-workers had noticed that. It's a crucial task that is on his hands, and he should had not taken that for granted. Well, My ex-office mate told me he was really asleep at that time. It's his fault that he had been hurt and injured now. Good thing the unknown guys didn't kill him and didn't get anything there.

Well, the place was kinda huge for just one guard, maybe they should add one up and find a new guard to take the night shift. I know it's not the time to laugh but I can't help but laugh when she told me that he was thrown up into the canal. That canal is kind of huge and he could really fit there even if he would stand up. Well, I pity him, because he was badly hurt but it's his fault why he ended up that way. If he just really do his job, it might not had happen. People there in Tagum City, beware and keep your guards up. That's all! :)

*Just an Update*

I saw the news the other day and the guard I was referring to was not the one who had been hurt, it was a different guard pala... wehehehe.. soweee wrong info... I thought kasi it was the guard whom I always catch sleeping during his shift, it was the other one pala... Anyways, I saw my former workplace on the news and they showed what happened to the building. The burglars had crashed the wall and you could see the vault from the inside. But too bad they can't open it or carry it (gipasementuhan na to dati, toweng!) Well, they could've opened it (maybe?), if the guard didn't crawl for help outside. I can still remember I used to be the keeper of that vault (tama ba akoa term wehehe). I mean I have an access to it since I am in-charge of the budget, meals, depositing it to the bank and etc. Hmm... God is still good, he didn't allow those guys to get something from the company I used to work for. Luoy lang gyud ang guard...

"Live life to the fullest"

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reanaclaire said...

hi..thanks for coming by.. over here too, its not that safe anymore like those days.. anyway, take care and God bless u.. i will vote for u shortly.. keep in touch..

twinks said...

Hala ka oi..
Tama sis maayo na ang kay wala sya gipatay.
Pero kataw-an canal pa jud gilabay..hehhe

Miah Laborte said...

mao man chel.. luoy pud nakita nako xa sa balita bah naopsital gud xa..

@reanclaire: thanks for visiting back.. :) hope you'll vote for me again.. :)


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