Friday, September 5, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Meet Rhon at Charlie's in Damosa with her high school classmates. Haven't seen her for a while and I kind of miss her. This is our only chance to meet again because she will be leaving again the day after, yeah so sad. But we had fun there and by the way their pasta was really great, so yummy... their pizza though is just so so... but it was still good. :) I was shy at first because I don't know her high school friends but we did get along very well. They were fun to be with actually.

After dining we went to Al Fresco which is a few meters away from Charlie's and we had coffee there. Chit Chat, laugh, take photos and then laugh again hehehe. We had a great night.

I think she forgot she had some company, hmp, too busy talking to her ehem...

We went at Rhon's place afterwards so she can pick her bagpack because she will sleep at our place. They will be leaving at dawn going to Butuan and their office is just near our place, that's why. When we reach their home we were waiting for minutes and wondered what took her so long. The thing is she haven't packed her things yet, yeah! That's not new to me. anymore, hehehe...

We had a great night, not until we ride on to this certain taxi and the driver drove so fast that we almost had an accident. Thank God we didn't bumped into another vehicle. Whew! I wonder if he's really a the driver for that taxi because normally the taxi drivers had their big Identification Cards hunged up infront but he has no ID. We
try to tell him to slow down, and he did... a little *lol*. Well, we arrived home safe and sound, Thank God! :)

I couldn't sleep that night, I think it' because of the coffee? I'm not really used to drink one hehehe... I was still up at around 5 or 6 a.m. Wahhh...

Well, Rhon's leaving and I'm sure gonna miss her company. She will be back again in town next month. Hopefully she can make it up on my birthday. :)

See you again soon...

"Live life to the fullest"

3 Reactions:

twinks said...

kinsa mas gwapa?
wow! model ang dating!
pa cheese burger ka naman!
burger! burger!
yikes! akong nawong diri.. fanget!
happy weekend sis!

Miah Laborte said...

Huh? unsa'y kinsa mas gwapa? waahhh.. hehehe... asa man imung nawong dri? hala wa ko ka gets chel hahahaha...

Euromania said...

intsik man diay ka mao ni arang2 nako nga digi cam...3 na ako digi cam diri, gamit uban para reserba..kani bag-o pang laag jud diri sa europe,,hehehe ug naa wawarts...ayo2 dinha uy

miss pinas na..


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