Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Miah Laborte

I checked my friendster just now and I was kinda surprised when I saw a name "miah" on my friend request list. I opened her profile and read her shout out and I was seven more shocked at what I've read: "... ivite nyo q miah_laborte@yahoo.com.ph." Towengwengwengweng!!! Kinsa dili ma-shock anah! I tought: unsa ni binuang?! gi-add2 pa gyud koh?! Kinsa man ni?! Checked her profile and she was still younger than me, meaning ako ang orig na Miah Laborte! wehehehehe... HHmm.. could we be relatives?? Well, the Laborte's are originated from Cebu, that's on my father's side, and on her profile, she was from Luzon. We don't have any similarities when I looked at her photos... Well, I didn't add her to my friends list yet, I still have to interrogate her... Nyahahaha... Neways, Ala lang share ko lang, I thought someone was just playing around but then I saw her friendster profile started September last year... Hmm... Let's just see...

"Live life to the fullest"

1 Reactions:

twinks said...

hala ka nho sis..
pero its possible man..
akong papa bitaw daghan kaayo kapareho name.. first and last name jud.. makurat lagi sya pg magkuha NBI clearance kay pirmi ma hit..hahaha.. naa pa jud kaso ang uban niya ka pangalan..
Ana man ng mga sikat sis..hahaha..


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