Friday, August 1, 2008

Memory Walk for a Cause

When it comes to old age diseases, there is this one disease that made a lot of impact on us and that disease is none other than the Alzheimer's. What really is Alzheimer disease? Alzheimer's disease, first described by the German neurologist Alois Alzheimer, is a physical disease affecting the brain. During the course of the disease 'plaques' and 'tangles' develop in the structure of the brain, leading to the death of brain cells. Alzheimer's is a progressive disease, which means that gradually, over time, more parts of the brain are damaged. As this happens, the symptoms become more severe. So far, no one single factor has been identified as a cause for Alzheimer's disease. It is likely that a combination of factors, including age, genetic inheritance, environmental factors, diet and overall general health, are responsible. Every 71 seconds, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and it is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. Until now there is still no cure for the said disease and I think what all of us can just do is to take part in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk which is one of the nations biggest event to help raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research and it calls on volunteers of all ages to become champions in the fight against Alzheimer's. There are walks in more than 600 communities. A typical Memory Walk is a 2-3 mile walk held on a weekend morning in the fall. You will not just have fun walking with your family and friends here, you're helping our world be free from Alzheimers disease.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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