Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bad Night

I really had a bad night yesterday. As in, perti gi-testingan akoang pasensya...

First: No internet connection for hours. Again?! (katingalahan pa ba nah?) PLDT MYDSL Hi-Velocity Broadband Internet SUCKS!!! (I'm sorry for the word). Really it S****! It's always like that every night if not, every other night. And sometimes if you're VERY Unlucky, you'll have no Internet connection for a night or a day! Limited Connection or no connectivity! Dah! Ambot! Istoryahon nimo ang operator, ang akoang gipangbuhat mao ra iyahang ginapa suggest na buhaton nako, like off sa ang modem then on again, disable ang connection then i-enable again. Dah! Ambot!

Second: I was playing while waiting for the connection when our computer suddenly shuts down all by itself! When I turn it on again... What's that loud noise? It's like a spinning steel wheel, it's really loud, so I went near the CPU and thought that maybe it's the fan on the left side which creates the loud noise. I turned off the computer then opened the CPU. i pulled out the wire connecting to the power supply and try to turn on again the computer. Now the loud noise was gone...Whew! it was just the fan! Kurat-kuratan man pud tah uie... hahaha...

Third: Then after how many hours of waiting and waiting.. Finally naa na gyu'y internet connection! But after a few hours of browsing our mouse pointer was starting to fade. Can't see it on screen then after a while it's back again. But then, suddenly it stopped and it wont move an inch! What happen?! WWaahhhh!!! So, I check out it's cord, okay naman. I remove the cord and place it back a few times but it's still not working. Waaahhh!!! Naunsa na man tawon ni uie. I already had an internet connection but I can't browse on the net naman. Gi-atay! Kabalo mo anang feeling na naay net pero dili ka maka-net? Waahhh!!! Perti! Mura ko'g wati dili kapuyo dili maka-blog! I have to wait for tomorrow to buy a new one. Wah na gyud certified blog addict nagyud koh!

Anyways, I still tried to use the computer even without the mouse's aid. I remember when we had this kind of problem too before and I just tried to use the keyboard as the mouse. But I forgot the combination keys to press, I just remember the Num Lock. So I've searched it on Google and here is how to turn on your MouseKeys:

Just press ALT + LeftSHIFT + NUMLOCK

By the way, MouseKeys lets you control the mouse pointer by using the numeric keypad on your keyboard. hehehe... Ka-net ra gihapon pero kapuy kaayo ang style, AS IN!!! Lahi ra gyud pag naay mouse.

Well, that's just what happened last night... Whew!

"Live life to the fullest"

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maiylah said...

mao sad na nahitabo sa ako adtong start pa lang mi with pldt broadband... :)
good thing karon so far ok na man. :)

thank for the EC drops!


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