Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

The opening of the Beijing Olympics 2008 was a tremendous success. I may not have seen it personally not even watched it on television. Hehehe. Hence, I have read and was able to see the photos here on the Internet. All those amazing fireworks display which lasts for 20 minutes and all the performances was really great. If I was just in Beijing, I wouldn't miss that chance to see it live! hehehe...

Whew! Such an amazing fireworks display at the National Stadium.


Like when I was in Macau and I've heard the news that the next Beijing Olympic Torch Relay will be held there, I got excited and decided to go there all by myself (Arisgada gyud noh?! hahahaha). Well, It's my first time and it's not everyday that an history event would happen such as that. So, I went to the Fisherman's Wharf where the torch relay would start and end. Lots of people are crowding there including myself and the security's so tight. Well I was patient enough to wait for it to start though it was one hot afternoon and my sweats been dripping off *lol*. It was a great experience and I had fun taking photos but it wasn't easy because everyone's been trying to get a photo too! I felt tired afterwards but there's a big grin painted on my face, I am grateful to have witnessed an event like that. I am just curious, did the torch relay happened here in the Philippines too? I haven't heard of it.

Click here for more stories and photos during the Torch Relay.

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