Thursday, August 28, 2008

Improvised Bomb found in Hizon Elementary School

My bestfriend Jane and I are talking in the phone late this afternoon. She told me that at around 2 p.m., a bomb was found near their place in Sasa, specifically at Hizon Elementary School. Her neighbor who was a student at the said school rushed to their home with no pair of shoes on his feet and left some of his belongings in their school.

It was said to be a powerful explosive device which is an IED, an 81-millimeter mortar. The IED had been detonated in the area and as of posting time, a post-blast investigation was being conducted. The authorities have yet to determine the suspects and that they have no evidence yet to link the foiled bombing to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Chief Superintendent Andres Caro (regional police office chief), admitted a possible alliance between some 1,000 members of the communist New People’s Army and 600 MILF members here. "It was a powerful bomb designed to kill," said Caro.

They're still fortunate that the bomb has been found and was not yet exploded by the unkown individuals. My family is a victim of bombing too at the Davao Airport last Marso (March) Kwatro (Four) 2003. I feel somewhat enrage upon hearing this news and to the ones who had nothing to do with their lives than take some actions that would suffer the civilians like us. Why not pour out all their madness to their real target and not the innocent ones? I am hoping they can't sleep at night thinking the cause of their actions. (Bad noh? But can u blame me?)

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