Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Musanay Lumadnong Kagikan, Yutang Kabilin Panalipdan! (Flourishing Indigenous Heritage, Protecting Ancestral Nations)

The life and culture of the indigenous peoples have always been linked to the land. Since time immemorial, Davao has been the homeland of the Indigenous Peoples and land has become the core of their existence. If their land is lost, so is their culture and traditions. Thus, there is a need to defend the indigenous peoples’ ancestral lands for them to continually live and practice their way of life- consulting the spirits, working with nature and sharing with others. This is the main reason of celebrating the Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2008.

This year’s celebration has two main components:

Lumadnong Kasaulogan
(Indigenous Peoples Festival) - the core of the Kadayawan Festival showcasing our indigenous peoples’ culture and arts.

Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan (Contemporary Indigenous-motivated Celebrations) - showcases the impact of the indigenous culture and traditions to contemporary artists and communities.

Our theme for this year is: "Musanay Lumadnong Kagikan, Yutang Kabilin Panalipdan!" (“Flourishing Indigenous Heritage, Protecting Ancestral Nations”)

The official parade route of the 2008 Floral Float Parade is now available online, courtesy of the City Tourism Operations Office and Digilution.

To view the parade route map in full size, please click the images below.

Floral Float Parade Route Map

For more info about the Kadayawan Festival visit this site: now.

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