Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surprising PageRanks!

WOW! I am so surprised! I was just curious on what's my Alexa ranking now... And so I tried to check it at It used to be in a million and now it's 362,659. But what surprised me the most is that my PhotoBlog which is only 3 months old has a Google Pagerank of 3! And my sisters Travel Blog which I manage too got a Pagerank of 2! When I checked all my blogsites last month, the only blog that had a Pagerank was my MeiYah's World Blog which is PR 2, and the rest was ZERO! Since when did google update the Pageranks again? Hmmm.. Well, this is good news for me hehehe.. though I badly wanted this main blog of mine to have a PR too... Wow... I was just checking my Alexa Ranking and this Google Pagerank surprised me... Hmm... I really don't have any idea when did those blogs of mine got their PR's... By the way, I tried to check it on and the results are still the same... hehehe... Thanks Google! :) I hope my main blog will gain it's PR back someday...

# Domain Name Google Pagerank Alexa Ranking
1 0 362,659
2 3 3,541,218
3 2 23,514
4 2 5,744,505

"Live life to the fullest"

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Euroangel said...

elow Mei..voted for you again..I guess Big G is updating its algorithm every 3 months...i have blogs with pr 4 b4 but now pr 3 na lang...not bad anyway!!

please feel free to visit my other sites..thanks in advance..have fun!! have a great day!!

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Mommy Ruby said...

mommy, that happens when you are using a anti-virus from symantec. i have a smileycentral ads kasi. ayaw nila doon. anyway, i will try to take it off. tapos clear cache ka. try mo visit sa akin. ok? thanks talaga ha.


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Miah Laborte said...

@Ruby: yeah but it was just last july when G updated diba? I checked all my blogs that time but only one got a PR.. hehehe... Thanks sa vote.. ala gyapon ko nadaog hehe..

@Mommy ruby: ganun po ba? hhmm okay... pcenxa na... uie di pa ko mommy uie.. hahahaha...

minor8 said...

where do you plan to use that page rank huh! :D

twinks said...

Congrats to your other sites sis for having a PR na and very good Alexa ranking. As with the PRs, i reckon it goes up and down from time to time..if it goes're lucky :] hehehe..
btw sis got a tag for you here

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