Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Human Behavior: Mind over Heart? Or Heart Over Mind

I just want to share this piece to everyone... This isn't mine but from someone I usually called 'Antot' hehehe... We we're talking a while ago and she had a lot of reflection papers on hand so I grabbed one and started to read and this is what's written on the paper...

KRIIING!!! Early in the morning, it is our mind that decides whether we get up or no which we use in learning our lessons everyday, and it is our mind, which we use to remember what we have been thought. But when we love, is it mind over heart or heart over mind? For me, it is simple. Where do we create the properties of our ideal man: in our mind. Which is triggered when we hold hands with our lovers: the neurons in our hands, which sends signals to the brain, which commands our heart beat faster, then we feel the rush of blood. Every sensation that we feel is processed by the neurons and the postcentral gyrus part of our mind, which decides whether we feel attraction before it sends signals to our heart.

Love is a state of mind we can fall in or out of love easily if our mind tells us to. The reason why we can't feel attraction for some people is because they don't have the characteristics, which we have stored in mind. The reason why we fall for people who are consistently coming on us is because we realize that they are worth it, still it is the work of the mind. Another reason why people fall easily is because they want the experience of falling in love; they want the feeling of blood and electricity rushing through their veins. For this reason, they will easily fall in love with the person who gives them extra attention. Now, consider this situation, your lover has a problem with his heart and he is considering the idea of a transplant. Or your lover was involved in a car accident and the incident put him in a state of amnesia. A few days after the heart transplant, your lover wakes up and open his eyes. He looks up to you and smiles saying, I still love you. Now, after the car accident, your lover wakes up in the hospital and looks up at you with his wondering eyes saying, who are you? This is the point, when you lose your mind, you forget your memories and the person who you love, thus the heart needs the mind, to stay in love. A change of heart would just mean a different heart in your chest but still it would beat for the same person because your previous behavior and emotions are stored in your brain.

The heart won't fall in love without the permission of the mind. The reason why we are not in love with the person next to us is because we know we can't fall in love with that person. In whatever situation, you are always given a chance to decide whether you'll fall or to determine whether it is love that you're feeling. When someone asks you if you are sure if you're in love, isn't it the you use your mind in making sure? So take your chance and think. Don't rush into love.

"Live life to the fullest"

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