Friday, August 31, 2007

Maroon & White '89

I was just looking at some of the stuffs in our cabinet not knowing what exactly I was looking for… There were books, magazines, Bible, etc… First, I was looking at the bible storybook when
a Maroon and White yearbook caught my attention, it was my sisters'. I paused for a while and think of
her, of how I missed her a lot for being not able to be with us here (in the Philippines) and the seldom communication. Right at that moment flashes of scenes were playing like I was watching a movie... way back when it was just the two of us... hanging out, playing games like 'Tagu-anay' (Hide & seek) & 'Sungka' (missed playing that game *sigh*), and her playing a good role as an Ate to me...

I then look at the pictures and try to find my sister’s picture but was so unlucky to hit upon some of the pages that had been cut… Well, I did finally saw her and was surprised to see my sister with me and our mom on the picture, my mom’s carrying me on her left while my sister is on the other side… I really missed my Ate Gaga, I just wished we could spend time together again just like before... Good memories are hard to forgetand that's all been left to us, but no matter what happens, YOU will always be here in my heart and I am forever grateful for all that you've done for me... Thank You! =)

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