Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MarsoKwatro - Death Anniversary

I really forgot that today was the death anniversary of my beloved PapaLolo... Maybe that's why I've dreamed of him last night... if not for a text message that I received from a close friend of mine, I wouldn't know what date is today... It was a funny text message by the way stating:

Gusto ka'g DATE karon?

Mar. 04, 2009.

O, mao na ang date karon!

Date ugma, gusto pud ka? Hahahaha! Ugma na lang pud.

Then I said to myself: Hala! March 4 pala now, death anniversary ni Lolo... It's been 6 years already since the Davao Airport bombing incident, still justice is nowhere to be found...

I was planning to go to the church and to the cemetery after I finish posting this but unfortunately it's raining now... Maybe in a while, it will stop and I will visit his grave at the Davao Memorial Park...

"Live life to the fullest"

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