Monday, February 2, 2009

Top 10 Droppers for the First Month of Year 2009

# of drops

C'est La Vie 24
Look around 22
Gadget Spot 22
My Blog Widgets 20
Top Model News 19
The Fashion Lovers 19
Random Thoughts of an insoMIAH... 17
Peek Tech Blog 17 16

To ALL Entrecard Droppers who had been dropping EC and comments, Thank You! All I can repay you is this link love... I would really try to drop back whenever I can, just been feeling lazy again...

To My Advertisers, A Big Thank You to your blogs, I get a little traffic on this infamous blog of mine... Hehehehe... Wow! Iceah (of Pinay Chicken Heart) topped them all, hehehe... Thank You! =)

Widget shown on # of clicks

Pinay Chicken Heart
xBrain & xBrain 18
PhotoMIAHgraphy 12
Thinking Outloud 8
porangag 7
Random Thoughts of an insoMIAH... 5 5
Tweaking Windows 5
Thai Amulets 4
Nurse in Cyberspace 4

"Live life to the fullest"

2 Reactions:

iceah said...

oy! top pla ako dito ha :p thanx din deary c:

miah said...

@iceah: uu, ikaw nga wehehehe... thnx.. :)


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