Monday, February 23, 2009

Abandoned Road Project

It's been six months since I last posted a blog about "Proyekto ni Pangulong Gloria (AProject of President Gloria)" and up to now the project is not yet finished... At first I was amazed at how fast those workers had finished doing the road from Lot 1 til Lot 7. After that they were gone and didn't come back to finish the road... It's been months already and when I asked one of our neighbor about it, she told me: "Wala na daw budget, kung kinsa daw ang mu-daog sa 2010 election, mao na ang magpadayon." Hala ka diha! (There's no more budget and whoever will win in the 2010 elections, will be the one who will continue the project.) Wow! Nice excuse but not acceptable... How come they have started doing the road if there weren't any budget in the first place? Tsk... tsk... tsk... Through this incident, you can clearly see how corrupt the government officials are. No wonder they didn't posted the amount of the budget for this road project. I wonder how much money is in the pockets of those corrupt officials now. Imagine they were done cementing the road from Lot 1 until Lot 7 ONLY and there's still a long way ahead til the last house for them to work on.

Would you guys believe that there's really no budget for this project?! I DON'T! Hay naku! Corrupt Officals! Aren't they ashamed, they've been posting their names and even Gloria's Photo saying GMA CARES?!! HAHAHAHA!!! FUNNY!!!

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