Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just got Lucky

I receive a mail from Google AdSense Support today. I never thought that they would really send this to me, not after waiting for it for weeks. Well, I finally had the PIN and so I log on to my Google AdSense account and enter it. Thankfully, my account is active again after being on hold. Well, the question now is: 'Will I ever reach their minimum pay-out?' I guess it would take me years before acquiring that amount. *lol* 
And tonight, I receive an email stating...
hi miah,
i saw ur email address in the database, were u trying to get a FREE Blog? if you did, i think you press the wrong button and "subscribed" to the rather than created a blog.

i assumed that is the case so i made a blog for u.
username: miah
password: *****
should u need some assistance, dont hesitate to buzz me at my YM. my account name is hyperdry
welcome to the community! we hope you will enjoy your stay.
...and then I said to myself: 'Wow!' and then pause for a while... thinking... 'Nyay! bag-ong blog napud? Hastang daghana na nakong blog, unsaon na nako ni pag atiman sa tanan? Unsa napud akoang i-post didto? nyahhahaha...' (Nyay! Another new blog? I already have a lot of blogs, how will I ever maintain it all? What will I post there?). This one is my Personal Blog, I have two PhotoBlogs, another two na standby lang na blog *lol*
Hhmmm.... Can anyone suggest anything? I still don't know what to do with that blog.
Anyways, Thanks Red! By the way, I just met him at the Davao Bloggers Party last June 14... hhhmmm... I like my blog address hehehe... It clearly shows that I am a from Davao (I'm Proud to be one). *big smiles*
"Live life to the fullest"

2 Reactions:

Ylan said...

uso na ron ang padaghanay ug blog!! hehe!
mao ni ako mamalihug unta nimo nga iadd akong tanang blogs saimong links hehe!!! :)


Miah Laborte said...

okay na tanan Ylan! whew!


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