Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the five people you meet in heaven

I just finish reading Mitch Albom's "the five people you meet in heaven."

The story is about Edward (Eddie), a war veteran and a maintenance worker at Ruby Pier amusement park. He dies trying to save the life of a little girl from a falling ride. When he awakens in the afterlife, he encounters five people with ties to his corporeal existence who help him understand the meaning of life.

First Person: The Blue Man - The man who died trying to save little Eddie from from hitting his car.

Person: The Captain - Who sacrificed his life so Eddie and the other soldiers will survive.

Person: Ruby - Former owner of the Ruby Pier, who teaches Eddie to forgive his father.

Person: Marguerite - Eddie's beloved wife.

Fifth Person: Tala - The child whom Eddie saw and tried to save in the nipa hut in the Philippines.

A very nice and inspirational book... Not really a bookworm type of person but I find the book interesting on first glance... hehehe...

And now I am reading 'Shabanu' Daughter of the Wind by Suzanne Fisher Staples. I'll post the story about it when I'm done reading... *winks*

"Live life to the fullest"

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Jepoy said...

di kaayo ko kabalo aning mga blog blog ui... trip trip lng man ni nko... unsaon man pag butang sa link... blogspot man unta ko human wala lng... hehehe...


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