Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pinoy Ako!

In Hong Kong people sometimes mistook me as a Chinese but when they started to strike a conversation with me, there they would know that I am not. Hahaha... But here in Macau, a lot of people mistook me as an Indonesian... Wahhh!!! At first it was just okay but now it's somewhat annoying already, even other Filipinos think that I am an Indonesian... *sigh* Do I really look like one??? Waahhh... I don't want to believe nor accept that...

First encounter with a Pinoy guy in a shop.

He was looking at me and said:

Guy: Indonesian?

Me: No, Filipina.

Guy: Oh, I thought you're an Indonesian.

Second encounter with a guy in a bus stop. I was waiting for the bus to arrived and There's this guy who keeps on looking at me...

Guy: Nepali? Nepali? (in a very fast tone).
Me: (Puzzled) What??
Guy: Nepali?
Me: No.
G:Oh, Malaysian?
M: No.
G: Indonesian?
M: No.
G: (thinking...) Ahh.. Thailand?
M: No.Then he stopped guessing... so i said "Philippines, Filipino."
G: Oh i see and smiled...

Third encounter: I was sitting on the bench and there are two ladies near me talking, I don't know what language is it but I think it's Indonesian. After a while her companion left, she looked at me and said: Indonesian?" Then I said: Pinay.
Female: Ah.. Akala ko Indonesian ka. (Ah, I thought you were an Indosian.)
Me: Filipina po pala kayo? (So you're a filipina? ) I thought she wasn't because I just heard them talking in a different language. Then she asked me the usual questions like: "Since when did you arrive here in Macau?" and so on…

Fourth encounter:

I was walking agian... then there's this man who keeps on looking at me, after a while he asked me: Indonesian"? Then I thought, not again! So I said "No, Filipino."
He said: "Oh, I thought you are Indonesian because your face (with action pa ha) you look like Indonesian."

Another one, just recently, I was waiting for an available computer in a cafe near our flat... I sit down and tried to open my mp3 so I could listen to my favorite songs while waiting. There's this guy who keeps on looking at me (as in tutok gyud taod-taod). Then he sit beside me, still looking, it somewhat distracts me... I thought: Ingon ani na ba ko ka-gwapa kay sige man gyud siya ug tutok nako? (Am I really this beautiful for him to keep on looking at me?) hahaha... (pamati kayo noh?) Well, he's good looking baya.. hehehe... After a few minutes he bombs the question: Are you Indonesian? Well, I thought he was Di.Ka.Ingon (lol) Waaahhh! Naa napud ni na pangutana bah... Hay...
Me: No, Filipino. You?

Guy: Leban.
Me: Leban? Lebanese?
Guy: Yes, Lebanese... You work?
Me: No...

I put my earphones and start listening to my mp3, I don't want to talk to him... Gikapoy nako ug istorya nila! But he's still looking at me... Ah bahala ka mag-sige ka tan-aw... Hay... I wanted to shout out loud: FILIPINO AKO! I'm not an Indonesian or whatever nationality!

Ako ay Pilipino, Ako ay Pilipino
Isang bansa isang diwa
Ang minimithi ko
Sa Bayan ko't Bandila
Laan Buhay ko't Diwa
Ako ay Pilipino, Pilipinong totoo
Ako ay Pilipino, Ako ay Pilipino
Taas noo kahit kanino Ang Pilipino ay Ako!

*Bow....* hehehehe...

Just now there's this Filipino guy whó talks to me in English, he thought that I'm not a Filipino. Hay.... Naunsa na ning world?? What do you think? Don't I look like a Filipino??? Be the judge. I have a photo at the side bar. Tell me, what do you think?

"Live life to the fullest"

12 Reactions:

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. I get mistaken for Italian, French, English, anything but Australian at times. Has something to do with my hair colouring I think.

Webster Twelb said...

naks! proud to be pinoy tlga! bihira yan!

Bakit parang putol ung dulo??

Hanafi Ismail said...

I'm a typical Malaysian Malay guy,so I don't think there will be any problem for me..;-)Nice blog you have here.Read your post about increasing traffic,why don't you give Link Referral a try..about trafficg and any link exchange sites,I don't think Google really allows pleeease be careful..and by the way I'm nyomot on bloggeries forum.

Tiborsho said...

hehehe.. nindota ah.. travel2x man.. na unsa man imo layout? unsa man ako matabang? :D

Vannie said...

pang international pla beauty mo ^_^

glad to know proud pinoy ka talaga!

bloghopping here. happy weekend!

Webster Twelb said...

I mean...parang putol yung dulo ng post mo..the last sentence...ewan ko kung putol o ganun tlga un.

nu pla gawa mo jan sa macau?

Newbie ako s blog mo so idk much.

Nikko said...

Malalapit kasi mga itsura natin sa kanila nag taon lang na mas gwapo at magaganda ang Pinoy..hahaha.. Bias!
Sa school din namin or kahit sa bus, minsan kinakausap ako sa language ng Malay kasi ka nila Malay ako.
I experienced this too. nakakaloko=)):D

"Life is a Journey not a Destination" said...

Me too I hate to mistaken as chinese, thai or japanese. I would rather prefer they mistaken me as Spanish or mexican that means I got a pretty look or big eyes, lol.

Ambisyosa gyud kow whoaaaa....

Enjoy your weekend!

Miah Laborte said...

@vannie: yeah syempre proud gyud! proud bisdak pud! nyahaha..

@webster: di nman yan putol hehehe...

@nikko: hahahaha nkakaloka talaga as in...

@life:hehehe.. thanks! have a happy weekend too and to everyone... thanks sa visits... :)

maiylah's snippets said...

my sister gets mistaken as a chinese all the time when we were still in college ... hahaha. she didn't like it, too. :)

thanks for visiting!
ps. honestly, I believe that it's not in the camera that makes a picture look good (of course, it helps, hehehe), but I believe that if you know how to compose a great shot, then that's much better! :)

reggz said...

naks!baka sa shape ng mukha mo at fashion kaya nasabi nila na indonesian ka.hehehe, at least pansin nila beauty mo jan huh!hehehe..nice blog! btw, my bestfriend na lead guitarist ng band namin anjan ngaun sa macau,nanimpalad.hehheh, kaya apat na lang kami ngayon.murag permanente na man cguro iya work dha.

Miah Laborte said...

hehehe ei Reggztheory!!! I love ur songs hahahaha.. small world kaau kay ka-boarmate nako imo bestfriend si dong? hehehe.. hawd mugitara hahaha.... sa iayha nako nadungog ang mga kanta ninyo... nice nice... :)


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