Monday, April 14, 2008

Cantonese Language

I've been to Hong Kong for a month and now I'm here in Macau... Their Language were just the same, they speak Mandarin but mostly they used Cantonese.

I've studied in Chinese School in Davao City.Our School teaches Mandarin lessons but I wasn't interested way back then... I even failed on my first grade, got no tutor and my parents were pure Filipinos. So I really had a hard time learning the language as it is all new to me. Eventually I manage to do so but like I said I'm not really interested, so i only know a few characters. I can still recall some of it, some I already forget. Cantonese sounds like mandarin too, their characters were written the same except on the way you speak the language.

I've learned some basic Cantonese during my stay in Hong Kong and here in Macau, so here are some of the basics I want to share with you all...

English: - Cantonese:
How are you? - Nei ho ma?
I am fine - Ngoh gei ho
Good morning - Jo san
Excuse me - m goi
Thank you - doh je
Please - cheng
A little - siu siu
Yes / No - Hai / m hai
Yes (I have) - Yau
No (I don’t have) - Mo ah
Okay / Good - ho
Not good - m ho
I don’t understand - Ngoh m ming baak
Do you speak English? - Nei sik m sik gong ying man a?
Hurry up - Faai di
Goodbye - Baai baai

I know how to write some of the characters but there are some also that

I don't know and some I forgot it's meaning. if just studied hard and really

tried to learn and understnad the language, I wouldn't look like an idiot

infront of these chinese people everytime they talk to me... Past is past

and it's really hard to learn and understand on something you're not

interested, right? hehehe...

"Live life to the fullest"

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Webster Twelb said...

I always wanted to learn Chinese (Mandarin), learned a couple through watching Chinese movies. Maybe after I finished studying Spanish (which will take me 4ever) I'll study it.

You should consider learning it. Nsa Macau k p b? and how long are u planning to stay there?

genny said...

finish added..


I really have interest on chinese , japanese n french..just got no time learning...hopefully next tym...good luck there!!keep learning!!

If you don't mind to xlinks our blogs..
let me know when your done adding so I can add you asap!!

PLS. UNDER the name RedRuby1 and so Blog title much better..

Thanks in advance!!!

genny said...

Thats cool dialect. I have a tag for you please get it in my blog. Just click my name...Thanks

aries_arevalo_ax said...

ui... astig sa cantonese... m sik gong tong a... siu siu a... im not sure... i failed cantonese when i studied in hong kong, but my mother teaches me a little bit of that kc dun xa dati... doh je! God bless... :)

Miah Laborte said...

@webster: wow ur studying spanish? that's cool... hola! :D yeah, i'm still here in Macau now and I still don't know how long I'll be staying here... depends on the situation... hehehe...

@genny: thanks! :)

@starlight: okay i'll add them up now.. :)

@Aries: ngoh sik gong siu siu gong dung wa... hahaha...

@ALL: Thanks for the comments... :D


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