Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Story of the Forgotten Jackets

My niece Kai was invited by Cynthia one of her bestfriend and classmate to her birthday party at their place... Her dad was at work in Macau and her mom had a flight to Delhi so they can't go with her and so the task was sent upon me... I gladly went with Kai (para maka-laag pud ko *smiling*). We met her friend at around 10:00 in the morning at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong, it's very huge and one of the biggest mall here in Hong Kong. It has a lot of shops, restaurants and an ice skating rink, i think it is the largest one here and it has a direct access to buses, taxis, and the MTR Kwun Tong line and East Rail (mang-advertise ba daw ko noh? wala baya'y bayad ni... lol)

Well, enough of that, we met her friend there and her father who drive us to their place at Beacon Hill, which is just near the Festival Walk. Their place was nice and has a bigger space unlike the other flats that I've seen... hehehe... They were very accommodating and hospitable, the kids were playing while I just sit on their sofa and watched a movie that they played which is 'Norbit', watched this movie already but it's okay, the food was on the table so I just keep on eating and drinking while watching (baga kaayo ug nawong hahaha). The kids were playing games while grabbing some foods... At 1:00 in the afternoon we said goodbye to them as Kai has a tutorial lessons at Red Square at 2:00... Unfortunately they cannot accompany us to Festival Walk (yun ang usapan nila) so we just ride a taxi instead. When we arrived at the mall, Kai remembered that we have left our jackets there and too bad her Octopus was there too... Their maid get our jackets and hung it somewhere so we forget to bring it along. It's a good thing that my sister gave us a hundred bucks in case of emergency. It's a good thing that my Octopus was with me, we bought a mineral water so we could have coins to pay on the bus, my sister said that it would cost $6.00, but the coins that the lady gave to Kai was one $5 and $2, we go back and change it to two $1, the lady was nice and friendly... So we have enough coins now, we went out to the bus stop then and waited for Bus #2, but was dismayed when we saw the bus fare was $6.30 and we don't have any cents and I had just put my Octopus card in the bus card reader... The driver was talking in Cantonese and I don't understand what he says, coz after you enter to the door you have to pay first to the card reader or if you don't have one you can drop the exact amount of coins in box near this card reader...

Octopus Card Reader

There are many kinds of Octopus Card, like this one
for Adults,
for Children,
for the Elderly and

Mine is Personalized but it is a key chain type...

The Hong Kong Octopus card is a stored value card, which will win you access to all of Hong Kong’s public transport. Local ferries, trams, subway, buses and minibuses all accept the cards, you can even, with the KCR regional rail, travel to China with an Octopus.

Back to the issue, so we don;t have any cents to pay, the lady next to Kai asked us if what's the problem, so we asked her if she could change our $1 to cents but she just gave the coins and didn't accept our money... So kind of her naman di ba, and she is chinese pa hehehe... We say thank you and goodbye to her when we went out of the bus and reach our destination... It's nice to know that there are still good people in here who would lend a hand when you needed one even if you're not their kind... Coz most of the Chinese were discriminating Filipinos here... Now, I know that not all of them were like that... hehehe... Anyways, we enjoyed the experience, when we arrived at our flat we just laugh at what had happened to us that day.... =)

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