Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Davao tightens security measures at DIA

By Rose B. Palacio

Davao City (4 March) -- In consonance with the peace keeping effort of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, airport security groups remained alert and have tightened search activities and securities at the Davao International Airport to keep passengers and the people in general away from any harm.

Former Aviation Security Group (ASG) commander Supt Ramon Salvilla, currently consultant on peace and order, Office of the City Mayor said that efforts to curb terrorism were stepped up to avert any movements of "threat groups" adding that DIA pursues confidence-building measures and strong coordination among the ASG, Philippine National Police, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Davao City, under the leadership of Mayor Duterte and Vice Mayor Inday Sara has consistently hammered out city's efforts in achieving peace in the city, Salvilla said.

With these peace efforts, we were able to strengthen the peace and citizen's participation in the process and develop strong coordination among other peace keeping entities, he said.

In answer to a query, Col Salvilla admitted that rigid searches and tight inspections are still needed as he called on air passengers to be understanding enough because this is also for their own protection and safety.

Regular inspection and checking of baggages, cargoes and luggages are still being conducted before passengers board the plane.

On top of the tight inspections, we have established a system to protect and secure vital airport installations, he said.

We also maintain mobile patrol teams and dispatch them within the airport's vicinity with security teams on standby at nearby stations, he said.

The ASG reiterated its call for boarding passengers to be on time before boarding so as not to disrupt searching activities.

Both checked-in and hand-carried luggages are being tightly inspected for security measures.

All of these efforts are part of the Administration's order to keep the public away from harm and safeguard their lives and properties. (PIA) [Link]

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