Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Morning means Happy Day

Woke up early today at 6:30 but still sleepy so I stayed in the bed for a while. I was planning to take a jog so I stand up and get ready... Drink a glass of hot chocolate and I'm off to the park... The sun was up already but still hiding in the clouds, winter's almost over but it's still cool outside.

There's a park and playground near our flat and it's just a walk away... The park was up on a high hill, have to go up the stairs, I've been there a few times already together with my sister and nieces. When I arrived there are lots of people around, a lot of Elderly were there jogging, stretching, exercising, and some were doing their 'Kata' or 'Taeguek', I remember my Taekwondo lessons when I saw them doing those forms, too bad I forgot na how to do it since I don't practice Taekwondo for quite some time. I was amaze to see all of them and I enjoyed watching them while I was stretching on the corner. I saw a man on the other side practicing with his sword in different forms too... After that I go and jog around, the place was really cool and it was my first time to jog here *lol*. You can stretch on the bars located on the sides and do some sit-ups there with a sit-up tool located in front of the slides... Do some sit-ups and then practice my kicks *nyahahaha* dili pud ko paulahi nila oi kay sila nag kata man, wala bitaw sila kaila nako.

Felt thirsty, I forgot to bring some water so I headed home, I saw some people on the court exercising and doing their kata's too, so I decided to pass by... I saw an old man playing basketball, I think he's into his late 60's, just a guess... When I pass near him his ball went to me and so I gave it back to him (bola sa basketball ha, para sa mga green minded diha nyahahaha...). I just stand there looking at him trying to make a shot but couldn't, I can see that he's tired already. When the ball came to me again, I gave it back to him but he gave it to me in an act that 'okay you can try' and so I did... He drink a bottle of water and
stayed on the bench and rest... I on the other hand started shooting... It's been a long time since I last played basketball and I really had fun playing now, felt like a kid again *lol*. The man was walking around back and forth while drinking water, then he sit again and start fixing his things... So I made my last shot *swish!* and I gave back the ball to him and said 'She She', Thank you in Mandarin Language and he replied but I don't understand it na *lol*... After that I walked home sweating hhahaha...

"Live life to the fullest"

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