Saturday, April 4, 2009

Transparent Am I

I had too much pain locked up inside of me… too much pain inside that another addition to that pain means a volcanic eruption any moment… Why can’t I just forget it all…? This feeling’s just like a scenario in a play that keeps on winding back, over and over again… When would be the time when it would continue and end as it should be…?

No matter how hard I try to hide what I really feel and just keep it inside me, there’s still a time when I just don’t have the power to be in command of myself… In my actions, the way I talk or the look in my eyes that says ‘hey, I’m not okay!’ And the harder I try to be okay, the more I am not. I guess I am not really that good in handling my emotions. Those who are and had been with me for years could still tell and sense what I really feel… That deep within those laughter and smiles on my face hides a weak soul… a weak soul, still waiting to be cured…

3 Reactions:

Blogger Rise said...

did you transparent???

twinks said... deep naman sis..
Don't erupt eh..hehehe..
I guess we all experience such phase in life - emotional mixed up. I was like that last year. Talking to friends will be a help sis.
Keep smilin ^_^
Btw, tagged you here :

miah said...

@Blogger Rise: LOL....
@Twinks: wehehehe deep bah? lol... hmmm... that's what I am trying to do sis.. anyways, thanks!


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