Monday, April 20, 2009

Get a Cool Skin for Your Browser on Firefox

While I was opening the homepage of Google, I saw this little orange fox icon and it says: 'New! Dress up your Firefox with easy-to-change "skins." Try Personas for Firefox today.' So, I get curious and started clicking the link. By the way, you will have to install the Persona first before you can proceed but it would just take a minute for you to download and install it. Just click on the green button that states 'Download Personas for Firefox - Free'. Once, it is installed you'll be able to browse on the gallery and choose the skin of your choice. There are a lot of cool skins that I wanted to try in my browser but I gotta choose just one, to try it out.

And, I got this cool Firefox Robot skin right now on my browser for FREE and I just LOVE it!

By the way, you can change skin every time you want and if you're that artistic enough, you can create your own Persona Skin and retain the ownership of your artwork. Isn't it cool? having your own skin on Firefox! Click here to have an info on how to create your own Persona. And oh, you might thought that this is a paid post or something like that, but it's not. I just loved it so I gotta share it to those who wanted to have a cool skin for their browser too! Have Fun!

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