Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Bloggers Life

Blogging… I admit I am hooked up with this; it’s not just a hobby anymore. Who wouldn’t be, if you can make money out of it while enjoying… Out of what you like to do… Blogging is also my means of easing my anger, irritation, happiness, and all… I write what I feel… The computer is my best friend and the sole witness to all that had been happening in my life, well not really all but almost, since I write everything that comes to my mind. Blogging… Not all people understand what it’s all about or what it could do to someone… For me it’s already a part of my life… For three or four months of serious blogging I have come across different blogs too, made friends through them virtually. I talk more to those people a lot more than the ones around me… share my deepest thoughts and some not so deep ones… Created a bond that I know wouldn’t last that long but still tried to… It’s so hard to explain but it’s what makes me happy, I guess some bloggers out there would agree with me on this (crossing fingers, LOL).

I started my blog as a personal diary, though I just posted a few entries online because some of my thoughts are written in an old notebook of mine. But as you can see now, my blog (MeiYah’s thought’s, ideas, experiences, dreams, actions, roll into one…) has a lot of Ads on the sidebar, middle post and everywhere. Most of my entries are paid post. I don’t have any regrets or whatsoever that I am now monetizing this blog. I gain something from it though it’s not as much as the other Pro Bloggers out there are making but for me it is one thing that I never thought could’ve had happen.

My best friend and ex-boyfriend are the influences of this hobby… At first I just said: “Okay, I will make a blog”, but will just forget about it the day after. Signed up a Blog and forget about it, then months had passed and I never thought I had an empty blog running online with no post! LOL. Because I was busy with work back then… Months had been slipping away and I decided to quit from my job. Lots of reasons…

I started monetizing my blog when I had no more source of income… I don’t want to ask money from my family, I am too ashamed to ask… So I started to sign up to those paid to post sites and whatever paid to sites there is. A month had passed and I rarely had a task opportunity… I just had $12.00 which came from Smorty, for making 2 paid posts. That was the very first payment I receive online. I remember I was happy at the time I receive a message from Paypal about my very first funds. I never really thought that I could make money online just by writing. Before, I used to hear and see posts about making money online but I never believed it. But now, things change, I am now one of those people who are making money online by means of blogging. Never have I thought that I would be doing this, really. LOL. I am not a good writer, that’s what I always say to Rhon. Actually she’s the good one, I admire her writings and I am a fan of her blog, but that was before, she rarely had time to blog now. Thanks for introducing me to the blogging world!

I am making money online but it’s not that much… So I accepted some offers and tasks sent to my email and it somehow helped. I used to have zero tasks before but after a few months, my tasks are lining up (kapuliki lagi ko!). Some of the tasks had expired already (saying din). But thanks some of my sponsors, for giving those task opportunities. I am happy with what I received online… No one would give me a dime here for just sitting in front of the computer and write…

But Blogging is not just about earning money, I know... Still, a lot are signing up for a blog to earn money online and that the real essence of what blogging all about had been lost. Can't blame the others for thinking that way, I myself is one among the thousands out there who had been making money out of blogging. Well, it's your blog, as long as you never stepped on anyone's foot, as long as you enjoy what you're doing, there's nothing wrong with making money online. You can do whatever you wanted to do with your blogs, and they can say whatever they wanted to say but it's still you who will be making a choice. NO ONE can dictate you on what you would do, unless you let them.

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