Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spectrum's First-ever Kadayawan Invasion

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

I am not the party type of person and I rarely go to places or events like this one but I'm glad I made an exemption. I went there with my blogger friends, thanks to Smart Communications and Spectrum PH who had given us VIP passes to the Kadayawan Invasion 2014. At first, I thought that I would be the only Mommy Blogger who would join but I'm happy that there were some who joined, danced and partied with with us.

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

(View from the VIP Smart Deck)

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

It was my first time to see a huge crowd, jumping and dancing to this new craze; the EDM (Electronic Dance Music). They still continue to dance and party even though its raining. I on the other hand went home before the clock hits 12, cinderella? Hahaha! Nah, I still have  toddler waiting for me at home... ;)

Well, even if I went home earlier than my blogger friends, I still had fun. I met my hubby's cousin, Claire and greeted her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We had a blast, everyone really had fun regardless of the "hipon" issue... Let's not talk about it, better check this video clip that I captured during the Kadayawan Invasion 2014 and see how everyone REALLY had FUN! ;)

"Live life to the fullest"

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