Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Take on Maintaining a Website

This blog has been inactive for months, if you have been visiting this blog of mine, I knew you have already noticed it. I have been blogging for more than a year and within months I have created numerous of blogs in different niche. I was excited and full of energy at first but there were times when I got nothing to write on my sites. I have more than 10 blogs and I can say, it's really hard to maintain all of it. I rarely got visitors after being lazy maintaining my blogs for months. Well, that's the price one should not just took for granted. Maintaining a website may be hard for some but there are ways and tips on what one should do to maintain their sites. An example would be setting up a schedule and perform weekly or monthly tasks. Make notes on what to write on that particular week on your planner or calendar so that you wouldn't forget it.

I used to write notes too before, I prepare what to write on sports blog for this week and then chose another topic for a game and fashion blog. It may be hard thinking on what to write and sometimes a writer's block would occur. I have been in that situation often, I would just sit in front of the monitor and stare at it. Often times, it's a daily problem that I have to deal with. What I do is take a rest and relax for a while, it would be hard if you keep on pushing yourself to write even you can't at the moment. Just take a break and after being relaxed, you'll have a fresh start again.

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