Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eric Dane Tape

The latest and hottest scandal on the world wide web today is the Eric Dane Tape. In the 12-minute video was Eric Dane who is played as Dr. McSteamy in the TV series Grey's Anatomy, Eric Dane's wife Rebecca Gayheart and Former Miss Teens USA Kari Ann Peniche who was stripped of her crown after posting nude for Playboy.

In the video was the three of them in the bed, nude. They were talking on what would their porn names be and Eric Dane settle for Tuff Hedeman, a famous bull riding champion. lol. Rebecca Gayheart's very high on the video where she metions that she needs to lie down. Gayheart also told Kari to erase everything on the camera and Kari agreed but she actually didn't deleted the video and it was confiscated by the Los Angeles Police Department when they searched for Peniche's client list.

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