Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Thoughts #3

I was clearing my things again, it’s all messed up… I throw the papers and whatever it is that I don’t need any more. Then I saw this piece of paper and read its content… Here it is…

“From the first time I saw you, my heart keeps saying it’s you. And every time I see you, I stop and watch you, thinking and dreaming of you. Wondering if you truly know how special you are to me. To me you are my life, my world and everything”.

“I find everything I could ask for in my life when I look into your eyes, and if ever I could have a thousand wishes, I wish you would be able to know how much I LOVE YOU. Yes, I love you and I mean it with all my heart. Cause after all this time I‘ve been always wanting to let you know it. To let you know that my love for you is truly broad, that nobody could ever break, because I love you then, I love you now and for always and forever”.

I thought it was a lyric of a song but it was just one of my writings… I remember I used to write what I feel (LOL) anything and everything, I would write it in a paper or in any of my notebooks and whatever is available at that time. Then I saw a guy’s name at the bottom, ‘twas dedicated for him… hhmmm… things had changed over the years… I am over with that guy (thank goodness!). But he was worth loving than the guy I was in love with right now…

Anyways, I also found these small pieces of paper cut in one fourths with a Positive and Negative written on each side. I remember this was one of the activities that we had 8 years ago, whew! Hahaha I’ve had these papers with me for that long… okay just want to share it with you, these are what they think are my Positive and negative personality or as a whole (unedited to ha LOL).

Positive: Negative:

By person #1: mabait and good thinker - medyo strict

By person #2: Buotan, behave and eager to learn

By person #3: good matching of clothes and quite beautiful

By person #4: pretty and intelligent

By person #5: Okey na Okey

I was really flattered after the papers had been passed back to me. I can remember I was wearing a very loose blue T-shirt at that time matched with a loose blue pants (kani laging boyish ta sauna).

Hhhmm…. Grabeng bukhad sakoang atay ani nga time…. Nyahahaha….

"Live life to the fullest"

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