Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mobile Blogging

Yesterday, I was browsing some sites on my mobile phone, taking photos and tried to edit some of it... I was testing out my new phone and then I discovered something really cool. I tried to send my photo via bluetooth when I saw there are other options on the side bar like:
SEND As picture msg, As email, To blog, Via Bluetooth and Via infrared.
I was curious on the third one, Send To BLOG? Hmm... curious of it so I tried pressing the button and saw the Blogger's icon (I'm now having an idea on what is it hahaha) and so I tried give the picture a Title and Description. My first mobile blog post was 'Naning Gavin', and right after it was published, I received a text message from blogger.
It says: To edit your blog, use your computer to go to this page:
Claim token (type of password): 5*****
Blog address:

Wow! I thought I have a new blogger account again? waaahh... I tried browsing the site on my phone and there I entered the Claim token and voila! I saw my new Mobile Blog... I was thinking, I have another blog to maintain again.. waaahh... have lots of blog already... hahahaha...

But I have found out that if I have already an account at blogger I can merged my Mobile Blog from the current blog I am using... Wow! COOL right? I can easily post a blog directly on the internet with my mobile phone... Cool, isn't it? And by the way it is FREE, blogger doesn't charge you any cents per blog post. Now that's way too COOL again! hahahaha... But they've said that your operator might charge you for the data traffic, but as for me, CTM, which is my mobile network provider here in Macau, offers FREE Wap browsing. I am so loving this! *big grin* Now I don't have to go to the internet cafe to blog, I can just do so with a few clicks from my phone. How amazing that can be? *lol* I could be more addicted to blogging now that I've found this hahahaha...

If you're mobile phone's carrier is Sony Ericsson (like me), you're now ready for MOBILE BLOGGING because Blogger Mobile is built into some Sony Ericsson camera phones, so you can post to your blog with just a few clicks.. If not? you can still do so. You can send text or photos from your mobile device to they'll be automatically posted to your new blog. They'll reply with the address of your new mobile blog, plus a claim code for verification. Make a post to your new mobile blog, or use the claim code to link your phone to a different blog. And now you're welcome to Mobile Blogging! *grin*

For iPhone users, Phones without MMS can still post to Blogger via email with Mail2Blogger.

It's so COOL!!! hehehe... I am so lovin' this!
"Live life to the fullest"

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Chikai said...

congrats on the PR meiyah. :)

salamat pud sa pag check sa akong ha. gikapoy na ko atong blog na to oi. cge rag down.. hehe.

kabalo ka my fone is SEk810i pero never pa jud nako na-try ang blog feature ato ba. hinuon, cge ra man sad kog atubang ug computer so no need na. hehe. ;)

Miah Laborte said...

salamat chikai... lage naunsa nman na imuhang site? hahaha.. apir! SEk810i pud akoang cp... nindot ning mobile blogging labi nag naa ka sa bundok nagclimb2 or nsa vacation and ala kay laptop or computer shop na duol, mkapost ghapon ka sa imo mga gusto ipost sama nako hehehe...

MBA Colleges in India said...

I use blogger via email and it works here in New Zealand. The only problem is the set up instructions are not easy but a mobile blog is set up automaticay and then you can link it to an existing blog you have created in blogger if you want to, or your blog ends up being called something random by blogger when the mobile one is created. Should work anywhere in the world.

Manish Kapoor

Webmaster said...

Mobile is a great idea and I think it is something that can work like a charm!


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