Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let Us Help Raise Funds for the Cagayan de Oro Flash Flood Victims

Yesterday it has been raining in Cagayan de Oro for almost 8 hours and some of the places had no electricity for quite some time. Due to the heavy rain there are lots of casualties during the landslide and 9 people are confirmed dead... It was so sad that things had happened in our country... Cagayan is just 6 hours away from Davao City and early this morning at around 3 or 4 a.m. the rain started to pour here and it just stopped at around 2 p.m. today... Imagine that... Hope there will be no flood in or landslides here too...

Anyways, a few good hearted Cagay-anons in Plurk community had been trying to raise funds to help the flood victims there. It was just a small amount but it could help a lot of people who are badly in need right now, especially to the homeless whose houses had been washed away by the flood... Just want to share this to those who wanted to help too... I think a lot have shared a little in the Plurk community and I hope you guys could share your little blessings too... If you had a Paypal account just send your donations to jamgfx[@] Thanks!

Here are a few Photos of the Flood in Cagayan de Oro, courtesy of

For more photos click here: Baha sa CDO and Lunop sa CDO. All the photos here are from of Awatiro's Web Album... Thanks for sharing it man!

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Anonymous said...

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Lan said...

Oh my goodness grabe pala ang baha CDO. thanks god my family are living up up so wala sila mabaha-e

Joro Livelihood said...

Grabe bitaw baha sa CdO. Ang ako bitaw pod nga palalab kay ila boarding house kay nalunupan. Maayo gani kay sa 3rd floor siya pero sa ubos nila, nabahaan gyod. Sa Carmen siya.

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Anonymous said...

I am not a Philippino but an US citizen and I am begging you to donate only $3 for a sandwich for water flood survivors in Philippines Cagayan De Oro .

I found a few good hearted bloggers from Cagayan De Oro that they organized a donation campaign for Plurk community flood victims there.

I don’t know them personally but I think they are honest people! Please use your own judgment but anyway It is a just a small amount. Just want to share this to those who wanted to help too... Or any other ideas how to help those people there?

Please urge your lovers, admirers, boyfriends, friends, husbands, anyone who can donate for those people. Hey $3 is only a worth of a sandwich .

If you have a Paypal account ( if you don’t have one ask from those who has already) just send your donations to

More info:


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