Wednesday, January 3, 2018

70% OFF Wireless Motion LED Sensor Light

Worried about the poorly illuminated parts of your home? Well, worry no more because the the Wireless Motion LED Sensor Light is sure to provide you with some much needed peace of mind.

This Wireless Motion LED Sensor Light detects movement and lights up an area 15 feet away from its position making it perfect for the dark areas of your house like the basement and garage. Just simply walk towards it and it this motion-activated light will turn itself on, providing you with additional visibility and security.

Aside from the bright light it emits, the Wireless Motion LED Sensor also has an adjustable angle and is able to do a complete 360 degree rotation. You can also install it outdoors in order to illuminate and even design your backyard area.

***Note: Batteries sold separately.

Wireless Motion LED Sensor Light 
Price Now: ₱ 243.99
Price Before ₱ 800.00

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