Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Air France Crash Update

Everyone is looking for answers as to how, exactly, Air France Flight 447 with 238 people aboard could have gone down this week after it took off from Brazil, but unfortunately, it may be quite awhile before we get any.

After plane debris was found yesterday about 400 miles northeast of some Brazilian islands, Brazilian and French military planes are continuing the search. But Paul-Louis Arslanian, a French crash investigator leading that country’s investigation, said today that the flight data and voice recorders of the Airbus 330, which could contain vital clues as to what exactly happened in the sky, may be lost forever, since the plane presumably crashed in the middle of the ocean. But officials said there appeared to be no problems with the plane before takeoff Sunday.

Watch CNN video below on the search for the plane’s communication system:

Air disaster recoveries
A look at aviation disasters shows a daunting recovery task ahead with Air France Flight 447.
Source: CNN

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